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"Battlestations is a character based game of simultaneous ship-to-ship and boarding combat in space. Players work together against the forces controlled by the referee. Battlestations can be played as one-off missions or as part of an ongoing campaign. You’ll track character’s positions on the spaceship layouts and the ships’ positions on the hex map. The action in Battlestations is literally character driven. If you want the ship to turn or speed up, a character has to take an action to make it so. If you want the ship’s guns to fire at an enemy ship, a character has to take an action to fire the guns.

Take action to defeat enemy warships, resolve alien encounters or adventure through uncharted astral."


4/15/2008 - Battlestations had sold out its initial print run but it will be going back into print:

Gorilla Games is pleased to announce the June 2008 release of the long-awaited revised edition of the "Battlestations 1.1" core boxed set, due to arrive at Origins.

The revised edition will feature all the excitement of the original game, benefiting from 4 years of experience in the field. The only starship adventure game is finally back in print!

This product replaces the original sold-out smash hit "Battlestations Boxed game ooc0401" and is fully compatible with all Battlestations products.

The Battlestations 1.1 rulebook will also be available separately as 'Revised Core Rulebook' (ooc0812) for $19.95.

A list of the substantial changes from the original edition is available online 

"Battlestations-Revised" has an MSRP of $59.95 and comes with the following components.

'Battlestations Revised' (ooc0802)

112 page rulebook (ooc0812)

48 full-color double-sided modules

4 full color double-sided map board/control cards

4 full color double-sided map board/cheat sheets

Full color markers: (80) .7" markers (32) hex-shaped markers.

Full-color fold-up counters

10 glass beads

6 black dice

2 starships (New to this edition!)

...all in a sturdy box!

Released since the last update is Pirates of Trundlia:

In the wake of peace, veteran soldiers and mercenaries have begun a new campaign of profit. Cruise your starship through the galaxy with your own plans for greater riches! (Just make sure to update your clone at a facility you can trust, and make sure to make a full payment...)

New equipment, a new species (Trundlians), new special abilities and new actions.

Pirates of Trundlia includes 6 double-sided modules, 30 double-sided Game Markers, a 96 page rulebook and a complete campaign for playing as a pirate, pirate hunter, or mercenary.


8/9/2007 - Starship miniatures will be available for Battlestations and they look modular, just like the modules used for the ship interiors.  Pictures of the all the minis are available at the Battlestations Website.  They will debut at GenCon (August 15th) and should be available for order after the convention.


6/30/2007 - The Planet of Dr Moreau, a RPG mini-campaign for Battlestations is now available.  This 48 page mini-campaign contains 12 new anthropomorphic species, 2 complete campaigns with 5 missions each, The Beastmen – roleplaying campaign, The Seeker – traditional Battlestations campaign, Maps for Dr. Moreau's island compound, and new Special Abilities and Treasures!.

The next supplement, Pirates of Trundlia is due out at GenCon is August.

More crew minis are available and 3D modules are in the works.


8/7/2006 - The second supplement for Battlestations is now available.  Pax Galacticum includes challenges of skill, rescue missions and puzzling space anomalies will add intrigue and depth to your adventures plus New Combat skill actions and equipment allow an easy translation for 'marines' to become brave rescue workers!

Also available are 15mm miniatures of crew members of several different races.


5/8/2005 - Now available for pre-order, Galactic Civil War, the first supplement for Battlestations.  What you will find in GCW is new equipment, a new species, new special abilities and new actions (like sideslip, Piloting skill check vs. speed + Size to have your ship maintain its facing, but move forward into the port or starboard hex on its next move).
GCW includes 6 double-sided modules, 30 double-sided Fighter/mine markers, a 96 page rulebook and a complete Civil War campaign.  GCW will be available on May 27th, 2005.


6/29/2004 - Battlestations debuted at Origins last weekend.  Here are the full product details:

BattlestationsTM Product Code: OOC 0401
11" x 11" x 2" Boxed set includes:
48 full color double-sided gorgeous 3.5" modules
8 full color double-sided hex maps with play aids on reverse
120+ full color double-sided counters
96 fold-up full color character markers
10 color coded glass beads
6 black dice
112 page rulebook with full color cover. (Rulebook also sold separately for $19.95 as OOC 0411)
Suggested retail price $49.95 US.

Also additional information is available on future supplements:

The first campaign game expansion: Galactic Civil War (OOC 0402) is coming Fall of 2004

Adventure outside the law (or privateering) in Pirates of Trundlia (OOC 0501) Winter 2004

The dangerous challenges of space beyond combat in the exciting mission expansion Pax Galacticum (OOC 0403) coming in Spring 2005

And the light hearted economic expansion, How Much for Your Planet? (OOC 0502) Coming in Summer 2005


5/19/2004 - Due out in June is Battlestations, is a science fiction Roleplaying Game integrating character actions with spaceship actions.  Each player takes on a classic role of pilot, marine, engineer, or scientist in simultaneous ship-to-ship and character action. 

Suggested retail price is $49.95 and in the box you get 48 double-sided ship modules, 100+ die-cut counters, 8 mounted star map boards, 3D cardstock character markers, 10 glass marker beads, 6 dice and a 96 page rulebook with 6 species, 35 ship layouts, dozens of special abilities, missions & more.  The first supplement, Galactic Civil War, is a 96 page book scheduled for release in July.

From their FAQ"

Q: Is it a roleplaying game or a board game?

A: Battlestations splits the difference. As an RPG you have continuing characters and experience. As a boardgame the sequence of play is tight and the action flows.

Q: What makes this game different from other sci-fi games?

A: Most space games either focus on the individual characters or the ships. Battlestations integrates both aspects so you feel like you are a fully fleshed out character onboard a ship that has real capabilities and limitations.