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From Nightstalker Games/War Chamber Games


"Fighter-Tac is a deeply strategic card game for two players. Each player is in command of a massive warship called a Battle-Carrier, and each uses a customized deck of cards called the Flight-Deck. The goal of the game is to use your Fighters and other cards in your Flight-Deck to destroy your opponent’s Battle-Carrier, before he or she destroys yours."

Flight-Deck starter packs are available for the Empire of Sol, The Chosen, The Mortalis, and Stars Edge Union.  Flight-Deck packs include rules, a faction game mat and 65 cards.

Tactical packs include an additional 16 or 18 cards usable by any faction.  

Fighter packs include an additional 16 cards for a specific faction.

Fighter-Tac is a print on demand game you can purchase through The Game Crafter.


8/26/2012 - Fighter-Tac is available from The Game Crafter.