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From Arbron Imagineering


Game rules downloads and miniatures available through Ironwind Metals


"To begin the adventure...
Earth is laid waste and empty, Humanity in all their multitudes, past and future, plucked from Creation and scattered across the winds of a new galaxy. In their new home they built new empires over the relics of long-gone civilizations, they went to the stars, and there they found that Humanity was not alone. In the depths of this new galaxy, Humanity and Aliens live side by side, but rarely in peace. More often than not there is mistrust, violence, and battles so fierce that it would rend the fabric of space itself.

Now you too can recreate the battles of old as well as plan new campaigns that send your fleets into the
void to explore, combat and conquer. You have entered the realm of Galactic: Conflict in the Stars.

In Galactic: Conflict in the Stars, the massive ships are recreated in Fleet Scale. This smaller scale and the tactical rules allow the player to field whole fleets against each other. Massive Battlers fight with a forlorn hope against the endless hordes of invaders in order to save their civilizations.  Squadrons of fragile aero-fighters are squandered against enemies so powerful, they are like moths to the flame.

When and where is the attack carried out? What is the best defense? That is up to you and your forces."


6/18/2011 - The Galactic game and miniature line is being re-released with updated rules, record cards and revised miniature packaging that contains multiple ships.  Full information with more pictures of the miniatures is available in this updated SCN Forum post.

Anyone who bought the rules and record cards before will be notified where to go to in order to get their revised copies. The record card revisions are dramatic (left). These are no longer the 'strips' and the new CCG sized cards are meant to be used with the clear CCG sleeves and erasable markers.  Tokens are included for all in-universe aero-fighters and gunships even though those are also available in miniature form.

The new rules (v1.5) are in final revisions and should be available very soon.

Also with this re-release are battle packs. The battlepacks include a good selection of a factions forces and come with a free copy of the record cards.  The aero-fighters and gunships used to come with the 3-pronged and 6-pronged stands are now packaged by individual ships with their own stand.  This way if you use the miniatures, they can represent a whole squadron or group to themselves or you can use them as the individual fighters and gunships.  The original 3 and 6 prong stands are still available separately.


2/6/2011 - Now available is the fleet scale game Galactic: Conquest in the Stars.  PDF rules and record sheets along with a full line of miniatures are available through Ironwind Metals.  Decals with numbers and fleet logos are available from Fighting Piranha Graphics.


Pictures of the minis and more information are available on this SCN Forum post.