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From JEN Games


Imperial Crusade Armada is a tactical space combat card game that uses cards to represent each ship on the tabletop. These cards have ship stats printed on them so that everything that happens during a battle can be tracked directly on the card with a dry erase pen. Battles between a few ships can be played in a couple of minutes or massive fleet battles can be played in about an hour.
Ship cards represent each ship in a player's fleet which are moved around the table during combat. The distances between each card on the table is used to determine the range when these ships fire their weapons. A ship card's position and facing determine what targets it can fire on and which shields defend it from attack. Damage, energy allocation, and system usage are recorded directly on each ship card with a dry erase pen. This is a print and play game so ship cards must be printed out and placed in card protectors or laminated to play.

Imperial Crusade Armada was on Kickstarter and contributors were able to get printed cards and everything needed to play.

Tom Vassel of the Dice Tower explain how to play Imperial Crusade Armada in the following video:


5/13/2012 - Imperial Crusade Freedom made its goal with full funding plus some.


4/1/2012 - Imperial Crusade Freedom is now up on Kickstarter.  You can pre-order the game with plastic cards and everything you need to play.  If you pledge enough, you can get more than one copy of the game and even design your own ships or fleets for an upcoming supplement.

If you want a printed copy of Imperial Crusade Armada, JEN Games plans to open a Kickstarter for an Armada reprint if Imperial Crusade Freedom closes successfully.


3/3/2012 - No word if a physical version of he game will be available after the Kickstarter version, but the rules and cards are now all available through RPGNow for all of $2.00.

In addition to the basic rules, a Free Demo is also available plus a couple supplements:

Imperial Crusade Missions - This free supplement allows Imperial Crusade Armada to be played with specific objectives for winning a battle.  Missions are space battles with specific objectives that each player must accomplish in order to win.  These missions occur daily throughout the universe in this time of total war and their outcomes will determine the future of this eternal war.  Each player will have a specific role in the mission that determines her deployment, objective, special units, and special rules. 

Imperial Crusade Freedom - This is an expansion to Imperial Crusade Armada that adds two more factions to the Imperial Crusade universe.  The Freetrade Coalition uses drone fighters and mines to destroy their enemies.  The Outland Alliance uses powerful gunships to assault enemy ships and their force manipulators to disrupt their opponent's plans.  Imperial Crusade Freedom includes 15 new ships.