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Interstellar Conquest is a simple miniatures game of commanding fleets in the vastness of space.


From the game's Introduction:

This is a set of rules designed to simulate the mighty clash between two mighty Interstellar Empires set in the 32nd Century.

The Sol Compact and the Endzarian Empire.

The Sol Compact is a loose consortium of planets mostly colonized by humans in the last few centuries, and some non-human races that they encountered in this period.

The Endzarian Empire is very similar to the Sol compact, they are a branch of colonies that broke away two centuries earlier which is now making a bid for power. They have conquered large areas of  Sol Compact territory and are ever hungry to gain more territory.


The Hall of Ancient Warriors website has moved to 


Sol Compact Ships  (Click for larger version)3/30/2002 - I finally got this page up since the Hall of Ancient Warriors just released some new miniatures to go along with the game. Click on the thumbnail on the right for a larger picture of the SOLC-02 Heavy cruiser, SOLC-07 Light cruiser and SOLC-06 Medium cruiser.

HoAW's SciFi Range page is the following note:

Please be aware that in June the entire sci-fi range will be re-released and totally revamped, including some never seen before stunning models.


HoAW is based in Australia so prices are in Australian dollars:

Interstellar Conquest Rulebook $10.00

Sol Compact Miniatures

Endzarian Miniatures

SOLC-01 Dreadnought
SOLC-02 Heavy cruiser
SOLC-03 Locust fighter
SOLC-04 Mine
SOLC-05 Medium cruiser
SOLC-06 Light cruiser
SOLC-07 Delta T bomber
SOLC-08 Viper corvette (new)
SOLC-09 Cobra bomber (new)
SOLC-10 Turtle figher (new)
SOLC-11 Batwing fighter (new)
END-01 Hydra
END-02 Heavy cruiser
END-03 Cobra medium fighter
END-04 Turtle fighter
END-05 Viper bomber



Prices : $6 per pack

Please state in your order whether you are building Sol Compact forces or Endzarian as there are slight differences in the ship design.