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From ForgeCraft Games


"Quantum Expanse™ is an innovative new space fleet table top miniature war game for 2 or more players. It is played using ship models and counters on a grid-less flat playing surface. Typical games take between 1 to 2 hours to play. The player’s choose the size, conditions, and objectives of each battle.

The game is divided into rounds. In each round the players take turns moving their counters and ships, scanning to uncover stealth counters, or firing at opponents. At the end of the round players apply damage, make morale checks, use damage control to make repairs, and check to see if the game’s victory conditions have been met. The game ends when one player achieves their victory condition or when the flag ship is eliminated."


Quantum Expanse lists the following 'innovations' in the game:

Stealth System

Our stealth system creates three hidden levels within the game. It hides the factions being played, the ship types brought into the battle, and the ship’s location on the battlefield. This creates a fog of war in the game allowing for misdirection and unpredictability while providing each player with opportunities to use creative strategies and tactics. Cards turned face down on the table obscure the faction played and the ship types brought into the battle, while stealth counters hide the ship locations on the battlefield.

Each game starts with both sides in stealth mode. In this mode the players only see counters on the battlefield, similar to blips on a radar screen. These counters represent the ships in the battle as well as the stealth drones, launched during the game’s setup, that mimic ship signatures making it more difficult to determine ship locations. Successful scans will uncover stealth counters causing the counters to be removed and replaced with either the ship model or will be removed for stealth drones. Ship cards for uncovered ships will be turned over. Factions are identified when a player first uses a faction’s ability and turns over their faction card.

Simultaneous Combat System

Player’s still alternate actions during the turn as in traditional games of this type, for game simplicity, but the damage inflicted each turn is recorded but not applied until the end of the round. This removes the major advantage of being the first player to act in a turn to prevent too much early damage from skewing the contest and ensures each player an equal footing on every turn.

Non-Faction Specific Models

In Quantum Expanse™ each faction is incapable of producing its own warships, rather all factions buy their ships from the corporations within the Terran Empire thus all factions use the same models. This is different from traditional tabletop war games where each faction has its own unique models. This makes it very easy to change your style of play, since all it takes to change factions is to play a different faction card during the game’s setup. This greatly improves game replay by eliminating the predictability of knowing your opponent's faction and faction specific models. It also eliminates the need to sell old models and the time and expense of buying, assembling, and painting new models just to change your play style.

High Quality Great Looking Models

Let’s face it, half the reason to play these games is to see and use the models. With many games of this type, the model quality is poor due to the small scale and production methods used. We use the latest in 3D manufacturing techniques making our models highly detailed even at their small scale. Our manufacturing process results in parts nearly identical to our prototype masters so that the detail is not lost. We also use quality high strength resins to make our models resistant to damage. 


Quantum Expanse was originally known as StarFire Command when it first started as a Kickstarter project but after it was funded the name was changed.



8/26/2012 - More images of master models have been released.  They are on pace for an October 2012 release of the game and they are planning to launch preorders for new customers in at the end of September.

Sparrow class Corvette

Razor class Frigate

Maverick class Destroyer

Rapier class Light Cruiser

Triumph class Cruiser

Anubis class Battlecruiser

Raptor class Battleship

Avenger class Battleship

Griffon class Battleship

Sentinel class Titan

Malestrom class Titan


8/22/2012 - StarFire Command has had its name changed to Quantum Expanse.  They also have more master models ready and still target October as a release date.

Leopard class Light Cruiser

Centurion class Cruiser

Tornado class Battleship

Reaper class Dreadnaught


7/21/2012 - The StarFire Command Kickstarter Campaign has met the $5,000 goal with a final total of $12,527 so some of the stretch goals were met.  Lets see what shows up in October.


7/7/2012 - StarFire Command is a new tabletop miniatures game from ForgeCraft Games set for an October 2012 release.

StarFire Command has been fully funded through Kickstarter Campaign though there is still time to get in and get some of the bonuses for supporting this project.