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From Avalon Games


"Space Armada, the newest Mini-game from Bad Baby Productions. Across our solar system, in the distant future, battle two mighty space fleets. The imperialistic Federation means to bring the whole of system under their sway. Meanwhile the Colonial Fleets, each a small, independent fleet in its own right have banded together to stop this move by the Federation. The fate of the human race now lies in your hands as you command one of those fleets. Will the Federation bring order and law to the solar system, or will the independent colonies and mining outposts remain free.

Space Armada is a fast past game of space fleet battles, wages across the solar system. Players will need to be decisive in their game play, all the while trying to protect their fleet's ships, waiting for the right moment to strike."


Bad Baby Productions games have moved to Avalon Games

6/11/2009 - Prices are now up to $6.99 for these games


10/15/2006 - The first expansion to the Armada game system is now available, Alien Armada.

"Now you can take control of two different alien races as they battle for control of the universe. A fully stand alone game in its own right, Alien Armada can though be added to the other Armada expansion to generate more and more space war fun."

Alien Armada is also available from as a 16 page pdf file for $5.00.


7/18/2006 - Space Armada is now available as a download from   It is a 15 page pdf file for $5.00.






From Avalon Games


"The fighters swarmed the massive capital ship as their small missiles assailed her heavy armor.  Adrenal Chad watched as the point defense systems of the massive ship blow each of the fighters into dust, their pilots’ lives given in a vain attempt to reach a vital part of the enemies’ great wars ship.  “Another time, another battle,” Chad swore as he ordered the rest of his fleet to turn and retreat, this battle already lost.

This is Star Fury, a new Mini-Game by Bad Baby Productions.  Star Fury is a simple to play, but complex system for running small to large-scale star ship battles.  

Design your own ships and fleets, or use the ready made ships supplied with this set and then launch your fleet in a desperate attempt to defeat your foe."

Bad Baby Productions games have moved to Avalon Games


7/12/2009 - Star Fury Set #3 is now available from RPGnow and other online pdf sellers.  

"The small Cattier fighters swarmed all over the hull of the Federation Battleship, the small attack fighters discharging this payload of micro-missiles into the armored hull of the human ship.  With a shudder the Battleship split in two, a bright flash of light covering the stars as the massive ship’s fusion drive imploded."


6/11/2009 - Star Fury Set #1 and Star Fury Set #2 are now available from RPGnow as 22 page pdf downloads.  You can also purchase both sets as a bundle at a lower price.

Set #2 adds Star Pirates and the bio\horror of the Hive.  The blub is:

"The Pirate Captain barked orders for his cybogs to fire their weapons.  

“Bring that damn battleship down me boys, that or watch all we have plundered fall to the far reaches of the universe.” With a shudder the pirate vessel pitched to port as the Federation Battleship opened up with its main gun, hitting the pirates’ flagship with Fusion missiles and laser beams."