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From New Frontier Games


"Star Clash is a quick play card game of spaceship combat where you control a fleet of ships and attempt to eliminate your opponents while keeping your ships intact. Action cards provide ammo for your ship's weapons, minefields, and other cards you can play to inflict damage on enemy ships as well as repair, reinforcements, and other cards that can help to preserve your fleet and keep it in the battle.

Star Clash is a "beer and pretzels" game with simple rules and mechanics that are quickly learned. Designed for 3-9 players, Star Clash also has rules for 2 players as well as solo play. Star Clash is considered an "easy" game with a difficulty rating of 1 on a 10 point scale (1=easy 10=hard).

The game is played using two decks of cards. The first is the Ship Deck which contains the details on the ships that compose the players' fleets. The second deck is the Action Deck. This deck is composed of a variety of cards including the ammunition cards for the various ship weapons and other special events or actions that may occur during the game.  Players take turns playing cards from their hand in an attempt to eliminate the other players' ships.

Star Clash is distributed as a "Print and Play" card game.  The PDF download provides three different versions of the game cards to accommodate different printing needs.  The first deck is full color and designed to be printed on paper, cardstock, or perforated business card sheets.  The second is full sized as well but is an ink/toner friendly B&W and uses only text and line drawings to conserve resources.  The third deck is identical to the second deck expect is smaller with 20 cards per sheet instead of 10 and cannot be printed on the business card sheets."



12/9/2012 - Star Clash is now available as a pdf download through DriveThruRPG.


Sample Cards: