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Starfight rules CoverStarfight Expansion Pack I: Ships Cover"Starfight is a fast game of starships combat. The game is playable virtually by an unlimited number of players. You will need, beyond the content of this PDF file, a lot of dice: an average of 8 six-sided dice per player.

Each player controls a starship and must destroy all the other starships in order to win the game.

The game takes place in a time when the engines were not 100% efficient, therefore they produce energy in an inconstant rate. The ships are all armed with powerful laser guns and use energy shields to protect themselves."


Starfight and its expansion packs are available directly from one Games or from, Arima, and


2/20/2007 - An announcement from Beer & Pretzel Games on 2/5/2007:

one Games is pleased to announce that the company has just acquired Beer & Pretzel Games, producers of the widely popular STARFIGHT boardgame.

As one Games continue to grow, we are excited to expand our boardgame section and we are pleased to announce that one Games will produce in 2007 a deluxe version of the STARFIGHT game, including rule revision and new stunning graphic.

As from today, Beer & Pretzel Games' catalog is produced and sold by one Games.
Beer & Pretzel Games will retain his brand and its own look. You can browse Beer & Pretzel Games catalog HERE.


4/5/2006 - Now available is the Starfight supplement Battleships.

This expansion features a new kind of ship: the battleship. This is a heavily armed and mighty kind of ship capable to fire in more than one direction and featuring batteries and damage control. In this expansion you will find four battleships and the new rules covering them. This PDF contains A rulesheet Four ship sheets Four ship screens Four ship counters.

The next supplement listed is Battleships, Drakus.


9/10/2005 - The Mohrg Empire Captains supplement is now available from BAP Games and

To use Mohrg Empire Captains you need at least the Starfight base rules, the Star Captains expansion and the Expansion Pack V in order to play with this expansion. In this expansion, you will find four Mohrg Empire captains and some new orders for this faction.

The next supplement listed for Starfight is Battleships.

4/25/2005 - The Drakus Empire Captains supplement is now available from BAP Games and from

To use Drakus Empire Captains, you will need at least the Starfight base rules, the Star Captains expansion and Expansion Pack I.  In this expansion are four Drakus Empire captains and new orders for this faction.  The PDF contains a rule sheet and 4 crew sheets. 

The next upcoming item listed for Starfight is Mohrg Captains.


3/6/2005 - The Star Captains supplement is now available directly from BAP Games or from

"This is not an advanced game, however, these rules will make the game last longer and add a bit of complexity to the whole mechanism.
With this expansion, your ships will now have a captain and a crew!
Some rules have been modified to work best with this expansion, however you can incorporate these modifications in your game even if you do not use the STAR CAPTAINS expansion."

This PDF contains
A rulesheet
4 crew sheets
The new fire modifier table


1/10/2005 - Expansion Pack V: Ships is now available.  The new ships are all equipped with proton torpedoes and cloaking devices.  Included in the PDF are a rulesheet, four ship sheets, four ship screens, four ship counters, and an exclusive proton torpedo die.

Next up in the Starfight line is Star Captains, a supplement which might have something to do with building fleets and scenarios.


12/3/2004 - Expansion Pack IV: Death Cube is now available.  This expansion features a mighty doomsday machine called the Death Cube. The Death Cube must be faced by four ships and it features a new weapon: the assimilation ray!

The next expansion looks to be another set of ships.


11/9/2004 - Expansion Pack III: Ships is now available.  It includes four new ships with a new weapon type, the torpedo.  Also included is an exclusive torpedo die.

Next up is Expansion Pack IV: Death Cube.

Also you might have noticed a change to some of the covers away from a familiar franchise.


10/27/2004 - Expansion Pack II: Starmaps for Starfight is now available directly from BAP Games or from  Included in this pack are a sheet of rules and maps for a black hole, mines, a nebula, and stardust.

The BAP Games website lists next next release for Starfight to be Expansion Pack III: Ships.  Also in the downloads section are several fan created ships from the BAP_Starfight Yahoo group.


10/20/2004 - Now available from Beer & Pretzel Games is Starfight and its Expansion Pack I: Ships which adds an additional 4 ships to the game and a new weapon.  They can be purchased from the BAP Games website or from

The Starfight pdf includes:

Four starship counters
Four starship screens
Four starmaps
#1 plain space
#2 asteroids field
#3 planet
#4 Starbase
Four starship sheets
A rules booklet 

Listed on on the BAP Games website as an upcoming release is Expansion Pack II: Starmaps.