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From Port Nova Media


Two games are currently available in the Astra Empires line and Universe.


Astral Empires: Nova Command (Task Force level)

Take command of powerful military starships you can design yourself and send them into combat with Nova Command.  Based upon a popular ruleset with a decade of history behind it, Nova Command offers you the chance to control one of numerous fleets from the Astral Empires universe while also allowing you the opportunity to construct your own ships.  Awaiting your leadership are a wide variety of factions including the advanced Technocracy, the eugenic Barons of Machiavelli, the powerful Felinoid Consortium, the insectoid Qajari Writh, the Corporate Fleets of the Merchanteer's Alliance and the mysterious robotic Omnicron Singularity.  You're certain to find a fleet you want to play.  Includes a wide variety of systems to equip your ships  so you'll be on your way to conquer the known universe in no time at all! 

Astral Empires: Nova Command is based on GSC2 by Thane Morgan and consists of three different books (core rules, appendices including top view counters of many different ships, and a fleet book detailing five fleets).


Astral Empires: Battleshift (Massive Fleets)

Big space battles are one of the coolest sights in science fiction movies and television, but there aren't many rules systems that really do it right. Most top out at running ten or so ships effectively, a few make it to twenty, but none of the other available rule sets really let you drop a couple hundred on the table and decide the fate of the galaxy!

Battleshift does....

"Battleshift" refers to ships shifting into and out of battle through hyperspace. It allows units of ships to disappear from the table, and then re-enter the battlespace a few turns later making maneuver important, as fleet commanders can't just focus on what's on the table.

Battleshift also features a suppression system, which causes squadrons to lose accuracy as they take fire. Suppression has traditionally been critical in battle.  In naval gun engagements, near misses on enemy ships were still useful as they made crews flinch, rocked the ship to spoil aim and obscured targeting. Few starship miniature games have even looked at suppression's effect on a battlefield.

Astral Empires: Battleshift is based upon Battleshift rules written by Thane Morgan (of "Armies of Arcadia" fame). They are designed to let you play out positively HUGE starship battles (it's been playtested with hundreds of ships on each side) and offers a unique game mechanic by which various ships phase in and out of battle which adds some very interesting dynamics as far as play.



2/25/2012 - "We are in the process of completing a series of "Fleet Books" (called "Battle Packs" for lack of a better term)  made up of pages of starship counters along with background "fluff" describing each class of ship and how it fits into the overall fleet dynamic.  These new counters are unique in that they are designed to be used in game systems that have 90 degree arcs of fire or hex-based six-60 degree arcs.  We have found them to work great with various systems, and have taken to calling them "Virtual Minis" as we're trying to give them something of a semi-3d look.  They're intended for people who want to be able to field large fleets in games but can't afford to stockpile a sufficient supply of miniatures."

They have also been working on is creating free "Fleet Books" for various Astral Empires powers for existing game systems.  To start, we are focusing on the excellent Full Thrust starship combat game


2/26/2011 - Now available from DrivethruRPG are several Astral Empires products for space gaming and RPGs.  You can get Nova Command and Battleshift there now along with the first fleet book for Battleshift, Human Powers. Fleet books for xeno/alien powers, along with a larger fleet book for all of the powers of AE universe's 10,000 AD setting will be available soon.