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Games that have gone out of print in the last few years but you still may find them at you're local store.

For more information on these and other Out Of Print games, check out Tom's Spaceship Miniatures and Games Page



Additional games that have recently become OOP but have their own web page here on SCN:


Big Damn Space Battles (1999)


Big Damn Space Battles is "Mass combat for starships! Simple rules for playing out huge battles between massive spacefleets. Complete with an excerpt from "Jurgen's Fighting Ships." Includes counters and a map"

A cute little game for only US$4.95.  Simple combat , simple construction rules, very inexpensive.

When I checked on 2/20/2002, it was no longer listed on Crunchy Frog's website.

Earthforce Sourcebook (1997)

for The Babylon Project RPG from Chameleon Eclectic / Wireframe


          This RPG supplement included starship combat rules for the Babylon 5 Universe based on Full Thrust (Jon Tuffley, the author of Full Thrust co-wrote these rules).  Stats for all of the ships seen in the first few seasons were included along with rules for integrating characters from the RPG into spaceship combat.  Most ships use a version of vector movement that has gotten good reviews and a modified version later showed up in the Fleet Book 1 supplement for Full Thrust.  Overall it is a simpler alternative to Babylon 5 Wars and allows for much larger battles.

          Chameleon Eclectic published this book for Wireframe who actually has the license from WB for the RPG.  These two companies have split ways and last I heard, Wireframe is looking for someone else to publish with.  When I talked to people from WF/CE at GenCon in August of 1998, they said all of the League spaceships were done and we should see the League Sourcebook in about 6 months.  The companies parted ways before this could happen.

          For more ships that were not included in the EFSB and conversions of B5 Wars ships to EFSB stats, check out The Babylon Project Ship Builders Guild and Scott Jaqua's EFSB Support Page.


US Cover


UK Cover

MoonDragon (1997)

from New Dimension Games


          MoonDragon is a game of lunar fighter combat using 3D movement.  Each fighter was on a telescoping base and was attached by a universal joint that allowed the fighter to be positioned in any way imaginable.   2 sets of miniatures were used, so for movement, the 2nd miniature was positioned where the first miniature moved to, and then the first one removed, and this continued each turn.

          A supplement, Birds of Prey was released that added several new fighters and weapons to the game.  Miniatures were produced for most of the fighters and were a bit clunky in my opinion being over 25% larger than the average Silent Death fighter miniature.

          In the end the cost of the materials was just too much and New Dimension Games had to close shop.   They had a nice website at but it has since been taken down.  The Miniatures Page has a nice review of the game and Workbench article the miniatures if you want more information on this game.

Star Fleet Battle Manual (1976, 1982, 1983)

from Gamescience/Lou Zocchi


7/7/2012 - It seems that Lou Zocchi has agreed to have Star Fleet Battle Manual updated with improved starship logs energy allocation/damage boards, and improved graphics and this new version may be released as a download for purchase.  You can follow the progress here.


6/19/2004 - Back in the 70's, Gamescience and Lou Zocchi released Star Fleet Battle Manual, one of the original space combat games.  Based on classic Star Trek, it used some interesting mechanics like declaring the specific heading in degrees to fire you weapons and then you stretch a string from your miniature along that heading to see if it actually hits your target ship.

SFBM finally has a website of its own, so stop on by and relive those early days and enjoy a few new ships for the game. 


There is also the companion game, Alien Space, that originally evolved when they couldn't use any Star Trek imagery.

Stellar Fire (2000)


5/13/2005 - I got an email from Rusty Gronewold and Stellar Fire is now available once again from Tactical Command Games.  Thus Stellar Fire has been move to its own Stellar Fire page.


7/1/2001 - The following information was posted by Mel Beard from TCG on the TCG yahoo.groups mailing list with the title, "TCG closes doors":

Hello all,

          I'm informing all of you that TCG is closing. TCG will remain as a paper company but I will not pursue new or old products As TCG.  I will be closing down this e-group with in the next week.

          I am forming a new company called Force XXI Miniatures and is owned by me. Most of the products was brought too and sold through TCG by Force XXI miniatures.

          The only rule set that I will continue to pursue at this time is Stellar Conflicts and Uprisings, the 15mm Sci fi miniatures game.You are all invited to join my new e-group called Force XXI Miniatures.

          Why am I closing TCG doors?

          In September 2000, a publisher called Mormaer publications in New York contacted me wanting to publish TCG products.  I discussed things over with my partner and we decided to go with it.  The Publisher supposedly made a separated company called SGD (Strategic Game Design), drew up a contract and gained rights to TCG products.

          Sense November 2000 I have been out of contact with this publisher. numerous attempts to reestablish relations with this publisher has gone un answered. Registered mail has been sent requesting all material be sent back to me and the contract nullified which is with legal representation on my side.

          Sense communication has been broken by this publisher. I consider the contract with TCG null and void and am currently seeking legal action against this publisher for breach of contract on many things.

          I wish to continue in the game industry and have taken my company Force XXI in to full production.

          Again your all welcome to join Force XXI's E-group were discussion will happen.

          Thank you for hanging in with TCG and I wish you all luck.

Mel Beard


Force XXI's website is at


3/10/2001 - Tactical Command Games' website has been down for a while and still no word on a site for Strategic Game Design.


10/13/2000 - Strategic Game Design, a company based out of New York, will now be publishing and distributing rules systems from Tactical Command Games:

          "SGD would like to announce their acquisition of Tactical Command Games  line of miniatures games, including Stellar Conflicts and Uprisings
Stellar Fire
, and Conflict 2000. All three games are being expanded and will be re-released with new editions in the near future, starting with Stellar Conflicts in the first quarter of 2001. All miniatures for the Stellar Conflicts line are being redesigned and will be re-released along with new figures and will be available at the time the new edition of the game is released. All comments concerning this line can be addressed to Robert Cameron at sgdint@optonline.nett"


4/14/2000 - TCG announces that Stellar Fire has been released and is available for $29.95. You can order directly from TCG or if you want to use a credit card, order from Regal Miniatures.


From TCG's Stellar Fire website:

          - This is a miniature game designed for single to fleet starship combat, with no more than twelve miniature starships per side. Squadron sized games, which can be played in 2-3 hours time. Larger fleet battles may be played in 3-4 hours time.

          - Hidden counters and tactical movement, spotting attempts, and simultaneous combat keep the players active during the game. Leadership, new weapon systems, space mines, experience levels, and fleet engineer support play an important part in the games final outcome.

          - A Scenario Generator is provided to ease the make up of forces that will do battle in your games. Scenarios are included so you can get right to the game and learn its mechanics.

          - Five alien races and three Human factions to fight for control of the known universe

Voidstriker (1993)

Still available from its initial print run, Voidstriker is a more realistic view of space combat in Earth's somewhat near future.  Available for US$8.95, this game was designed by Charles Oines

Charles latest space combat game was called The Stars our Decimation but has re-named it Voidstriker because he liked the name that much.  

More information about the new game HERE.

When I checked Crunchy Frog's website on 2/20/2002, this game was no longer listed.