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From Agent One every Friday (but only 2 have shown up in 2002)


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"Babylon 5 Wars is a board/miniatures game based on the popular Warner Bros. science fiction show Babylon 5! Play individual ships, small fleets, and ship squadrons against each other in the richly detailed Babylon 5 Universe! The various supplements add rules, ships, fighters, weapons, technology, scenarios, race backgrounds and so on."


5/25/2003 - The Forum has moved to a new home,  All messages and everything else have been moved so it is the same forum, but with a different look and a different home.


3/25/2003 - I finally moved this page to the Out of Print section


10/20/2002 - One of the supplements close to completion before all the recent news was Raiders and Privateers 2.  This supplement is now available for free for a limited time.  Go here to download it and to give a donation to the freelancers who worked on it but who now will not get paid. It is a 16MB zip file so it may take a while.


10/15/2002 - AOG to close its doors after 10/31/2002

The full announcement is available at the B5Wars forums but it is easier to access at The Miniatures Page.)

Basically, AOG will continue to fill orders on current products until October 31st. Turning Point will not support the company in its current form so AOG as we know it today will close.  Eclipse Games will be created to support the Turning Point and Maxim (GROPOS) game systems. Some of these games will be sold mail-order/electronically only. Miniatures will continue to be sold as they are now. FA2 will probably be converted to this new format first with the Advanced Missions material replacing the construction rules and will be available free on the internet for a limited time. Other projects would be Maxim 2 (changing scale to microarmor 6mm and handle combat from WW2 onward), and a new starship skirmish scale (B5Wars style) game. This game will not be B5 Wars 3rd edition but will draw from what was learned from that product. Other games being looked at include a starfighter combat game, a sci-fi miniatures infantry skirmish game, and an ‘epic’ Warmaster-style fantasy miniature game.


10/8/2002 - The final ship of the month is the long rumored Earth Alliance Medusa Battleship.


9/19/2002 - BIG NEWS - Warner Brothers has decided to not renew AOG's Babylon 5 license.  All B5Wars items must be sold by 10/31/2002, everything left must be destroyed.  The game engine used by B5Wars is part of the license so it can not be used by any other game.

AOG's original announcement on the loss of the Babylon 5 license and the subsequent sale is still available on their website (here) along with a bunch of questions and answers. 


9/16/2002 - The September Ship of the Month, the Narn Dag'Kur Missile Frigate.


8/6/2002 - The August Ship of the Month, the Gaim Outpost.


7/11/2002 - The July Ship of the Month, the Yolu Hastan Escort Frigate.


6/5/2002 - The June Ship of the Month, the Usuuth Orthuus Battle Leader and accompanying fighters.


5/31/2002 - The AOG Report for the week ending 5/31/2002 has been posted.  Wars of the Centauri Republic is now out, the Raiders and Privateers 2 playtest pack will be out soon, pre-order your copy now. Dilgar FA minis are now out, Pak'ma'ra FA minis should ship in June,  July will be civilians and Raiders. For a list, see AOG's latest news page.


5/27/2002 - The Wars of the Centauri Republic supplement is now available:

WARS OF THE CENTAURI REPUBLIC - Hundreds of years before Babylon 5 was built, the Centauri Republic was known as the "Lion of the Galaxy," controlling dozens of worlds and dominating its region of space. While the people of Earth were still launching space shuttles, the Centauri fought a war with another Galactic power, the Orieni Imperium. Two starfaring nations could not be more opposite in their goals and politics, and conflict between them was inevitable from their first meeting. When the Orieni War finally began, it would change the face of the Galaxy forever! This book includes a complete history of that war, including backgrounds, maps, technology, and over 40 different ships used during the conflict. 92 pages. Showdowns-8 and Variants-6 will support this product. MSRP: $19.95


Also available are several new Dilgar miniatures in FA scale.


5/2/2002 - The May Ship of the Month is the Deneth Heavy Cruiser.


4/2/2002 - AOG posted their annual April Fools Ship of the Month.  Be prepared for the Minbari White Shar(lin) Super Warcruiser!


3/14/2002 - It seems that AOG had some printer and CD duplicator problems with Ships of the Fleet 2.  The bad part is that the Gaim, Narn, and Vorlon ship files were left off the CD by mistake.  AOG has put these files up on their web page accessible from the B5 Wars FAQ if you want to download them.


3/2/2002 - The AOG Report for the period ending March 1st has been posted.  Ships of the Fleet 2 actually didn't make it out last week due to a printer delay but will show up in stores next week.  Several products are in the works.

The Ship of the Month for March is up.  This time it is the Til'Sha Patrol Frigate.


2/23/2002 - Ships of the Fleet 2 has been released:

SHIPS OF THE FLEET 2 - Over 350 pages of ships and ship descriptions, this compilation includes all units from everything published after SOTF1 through October 2001: Dilgar War, Raiders and Privateers, Showdowns-3, Showdowns-4, Showdowns-5, Showdowns-6, Variants-3, Tactics Guide, and Wars of the Ancients. Includes updated ships where errors needed correcting, and of course you'll find a CD-ROM with over 250 ships available for your printing and modification pleasure! If you play B5 Wars and have a computer, this is a MUST HAVE! MSRP: $34.99


2/9/2002 - The February Ship of the Month is up, this time it is a Generic Medium Shipyard from the upcoming Campaign Guide.

AOG also just posted a downloadable counter sheet for War of the Ancients (2.5MB)


1/22/2002 - Agent 1 has confirmed that due to gamer response, Ships of the Fleet 2 will not be just a CD, but will be the same format of SotF1, a book plus a CD.


1/18/2002 - The AOG Report for the period ending January 18th has been posted.  Variants-5 ships to distributors on Monday.  Ships of the Fleet 2 will be a CD only, no book, Hyach minis also ship next week. February brings Abbai and Cascor minis.


1/7/2002 - The January Ship of the Month is up.  This time it is the Cascor Nashaq Fleet Carrier.


12/7/2001 - The AOG Report for the period ending December 7th has been posted.  Variants-5 possible ships listed.  Get your orders in soon to get then my Christmas.  For minis, the FA Cronos, Apollo, and Delphi, four new Support Squadron boxes, the Drazi and Brakiri squadron box ship next week and should be in stores by the 19th.


11/30/2001 - The December Ship of the Month is up.  Go take a look at the Cascor Drocca Torpedo Destroyer.


11/21/2001 - The AOG Report for the period ending November 21st has been posted.  Showdowns-7 (League-2 scenarios & ships) and Variants-4 (Variants for Everyone) have shipped to distributors.  Ships of the Fleet-2 layout is done, waiting for SCS corrections.  Only 19 submissions for Variants-5 so far.  Plus a tentative release schedule through February.


11/2/2001 - The AOG Report for the week ending November 2nd has been posted.  Showdowns-7 and Variants-4 have gone to press soon to be available by late November.  Work is starting on Ships of the Fleet II so send in any errors you know of.  Submit your ships for Variants-5 but follow the rules included in the AOG Report.

The November Ship of the Month has also been posted, this time it is the Narn L'Karus Raider Cruiser, based on a heavily modified T'Loth side pod.


10/27/2001 - The AOG Report for the week ending October 26th has been posted.  The contents of Variants-4 are listed along with some other updates.


10/19/2001 - The AOG Report for the week ending October 19th has been posted.  It includes a few more questions and answers about the Fleet Action 2 and Full Scale miniatures announcements.  Also League-2 is back from the printers and should be showing up in stores soon.  Showdowns-7 and Variants-4 should go to press soon to be available by late November.


10/14/2001 - At B5WARS.AGENTSOFGAMING.COM, in the 'Announcements' forum under the AOG Report from Oct 5th heading, AOG confirms that very few new full scale miniatures will be released in the future.  FA scale minis have out-sold full scale minis 5 to 1 so it is understandable why this decision was made, though AOG will still consider full scale minis in special cases like if they get the rights to make an Excalubur from Crusade.


10/6/2001 - The AOG Report for the week ending October 5th has been posted.  League-2 has gone to the printers and may be available by the end of October.  Counters for Showdowns-3 are posted on AOG's website along with the bonus material mentioned in Showdowns-6.


10/2/2001 - The October Ship of the Month is up, the Raider Hybrid Saucer.  A preview ship from Raiders & Privateers-2, it seems some industrious band of raiders has captured a Vree ship, the Vymish Armed Trader and converted it for their own use.


9/14/2001 - AOG report for the week ending September 14th was posted.  Showdowns-6 had some printer problems but is still on schedule.  League-2 is in the final edit.


9/12/2001 - AOG has posted Raiders & Privateers countersheet set.  Some products do not include counter sheets and this is AOG's first step into making counters available for all ships.


8/31/2001 - AOG report for the week ending August 31st was posted.  Showdowns-6 has gone to press and League-2 is the next project to be worked on.

The September Ship of the Month has been posted, the Yolu Ulana Patrol Cruiser.


8/24/2001 - AOG report for the week ending August 24th was posted.  Wars of the Ancients has shipped and should be in stores soon


8/19/2001 - AOG's homepage includes a link to ??? that leads to a JPG of a neat looking swooshy ship and the caption:

"Target coming into range...Scanners locking on...Negative ID...... WHAT IS IT??

A bold new step in the evelution of space warfare

Coming soon from Agents of Gaming"

Could this be the B5 future years product then have mentioned in the past?


8/17/2001 -  No AOG Report this week:

Not much is going on here, actually. Rob is off at a trade show in California, and I've spent the week trying to help get everything ready for next week's release (Wars of the Ancients, Ancients Mega Fleet, Brakiri FA Avioki, Tashkat, Falkosi & Ikorta, GROPOS initial Centauri batch). WOTA made it here OK, and most of the packing is done so we should ship on time. I'll post a real report next Friday. --A1


8/14/2001 - AOG miniatures moving away from blisters towards Squadron Boxes.  The following was posted on the B5WARS.AGENTSOFGAMING.COM forum:

">The Hyach and Cascor are going straight to fa scale? Doesn't this represnt a bit of a departure from the normal practice of putting out B5W scale stuff first then FA later? Will there be FA style stats for the leauge 2 races in the league 2 book?


Yes, it's a departure of sorts.


Here's what's happening: The Hyach FA minis are going to be released in a Squadron Box. They will NOT be sold to stores separately. Why is this? Because stores and distributors have made it plain they will no longer be able to support such a huge line of individual miniatures. GROPOS units being sold in platoons, and not individually, is our first response to this shift in attitude.


Anyone who was at Gen Con or Origins saw how many individual blisters we were selling. These lines are MASSIVE, and stores just don't have the wall space to dedicate to them. After the FA Brakiri, you can expect every FA release to be a Squadron Box of some type.


Now, before you panic, the individual minis will still be available by mail order. If you want a couple of extra Hyach battlecruisers, just hop on line and order them from our secure online store. In fact, you'll probably get a better rate because we won't have the hassle of blister packing them or shipping them to distributors. Oh, and don't forget you get a spectacular deal already with the squadron boxes themselves!


You can expect a similar fate for B5W large minis, though we are waiting to see how successful the Ancients Mega Fleet is before we pass final judgment. That box ships next week and we'll know within a few weeks of that just how well that went over. (By the way, the individual Ancients will also available by mail order if you want one or two of a specific one.) --A1"


11/29/2000 - Robert of AOG posted the following on B5WARS.AGENTSOFGAMING.COM about the future of the B5 Wars universe:

          There are two more major products planned for the current timeline. One of these you've already seen the set-up for in Showdowns IV. The product is current entitled Alliance Contact. It will be the first major war the Alliance must endure and takes place sometime after Crusade would have ended. The raiders that attacked the Minbari Protectorate meet a major power as they flee from pursuit. You will have seen this power in the 5th season (the maintenance tech show). In exchange for intelligence this race gives the raiders safe haven and new ships. Eventually, the combination of the two make their entrance into known space. Of course, the Minbari don't appreciate being the entry way to a new invasion and face the first major threat they've encountered in a long time (Earth was hardly a threat).

          The second product will detail what happens to the Centauri Republic after Veer become Emperor. What I will say is this: a major civil war is involved that splits the Republic (Drakh controlled and non-Drakh controlled). Beyond this, I can say nothing.

          These two products will be setting the foundation for the 2300 series (this is not the actual title, only a place holder). This series will jump 250 years into the future and unfold the new shape of the local galaxy. I cannot say what is going to happen but I will tell you that a new major enemy will be introduced and the techno-mages will return, fleeing from an unknown terror.

          As you can see, we have many plans for the B5W series. The show may be over, but the universe shall prevail.