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From Games Workshop  


"Battlefleet Gothic is the game of spaceship combat set during the Gothic War in the 41st millennium: a grim time when the Imperium of Mankind battles for survival in a hostile galaxy. The game allows you to command fleets of warships in deadly conflict among the stars, though whether as Mankind's savior or its destroyer remains to be seen."


11/2/2007 - Adeptus Mechanicus ships are now available on the GW UK website (including the battleship which was delayed due to casting issues).  The GW US website only lists the cruisers as available at this time.  Rules for Adeptus Mechanicus ships have been posted as a pdf on the Specialist Games website.


6/25/2007 - GW UK is now taking Advance Orders for 3 new Adeptus Mechanicus ships due out August 4th, the Battleship, Cruiser, and Light Cruiser.

Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship

Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser

Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruiser


2/3/2007 - An updated rulebook for Battlefleet Gothic is now available from their online store or through GW retailers plus as a free download as multiple PDF files.  Rules have been updated and version 1.5 FAQ added.  The boxed starter set will no longer be available so all the templates and player aids are Tau Courier Transport also available as free downloads.


5/8/2005 - Now available from Forge World, the Tau Courier Transport, 3 for £6.00.


12/10/2004 - Forge World has posted information on 2 new large Tau ships available for pre-order.  The minis are scheduled to ship on January 17th.  The Custodian is a fleet carrier able to transport 3 Warden Gunships and the Protector is a large cruiser.

Tau Custodian fleet carrier            Tau Protector cruiser           


11/6/2004 - Now available from GW UK, the Eldar Flame Of Asuryan, Yriels Flagship, and the Kroot War-Sphere.



11/3/2004 - The official Battlefleet Gothic website has been updated and content expanded.  You can get there at which just redirects you to real site's URL.   

The new site includes the Battlefleet Gothic Living Rulebook, basically a free, downloadable PDF version of the familiar BFG 'blue book' rulebook from the boxed set.  This Living Rulebook is intended to act as an update to the rules, and allows player to download revised versions of the rulebook as they update the printed version when it needs to be re-printed.


9/29/2004 - The Craftworld Eldar ship miniatures are now available from Games Workshop US.


9/21/2004 - The Craftworld Eldar miniatures pictured below are now available from GW UK.  The rules for these ships were in Fanatic Magazine #3, and that "Doom of the Eldar" article is available online as a pdf article (

The Rogue Trader ships are now available from GW US.


8/2/2004 - Now listed on the GW UK online store as advanced orders are the Craftworld Eldar miniatures, Dragonship, Wraithship, and Shadow Hunters.  The release date is September 7th.



5/27/2004 - GW US now lists Armada on their online store and it should be showing up in stores later this week.

GW UK has a couple new ships listed for sale, the Rogue Trader Cruiser and Rogue Trader Escorts 


4/28/2004 - Per the latest GW US news release, available May 1st in stores, Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #19 and Nicassar Dhows Escort miniatures ($9.00 for a pack of 4).  They are currently listed on the US Online Store.

Reports are Armada will be released in the US on May 24th


4/22/2004 - Now listed on the US online store, Tau Orbitals and Tau Messenger class escorts.

Plus there are reports that Fanatic Mag #1 was now out and BFG Magazine #19 has shown up in the mailbox of subscribers in the US.



4/18/2004 - There are several reports of Armada now being available in the UK, even selling out pretty quickly form mail order but more were due.  No official word on US dates for this or BFG Mag #19 but there were some rumors on an early May date for Armada.


3/16/2004 - Word is Armada has gone to the printer after the last bits were wrapped up.  It will take about a week to typeset and then another month before it should be available. Thus it could be available in the UK about the third week in April and in the USA about three weeks afterward.  See the news from 4/6/2003 for more information on Armada.


2/19/2004 - Reports are in from the UK, BFG Magazine #19 has shown up in their mailbox. Rogue Trader Fleets, The Lithesh War and the Tau fleet are included in this issue.


2/7/2004 - Now available for pre-orders from Forge World, the Tau Castellan escort.  It is approximately 50% larger than the Tau Warden escort released earlier.  Pre-orders will be sent the week of March 1st.


2/6/2004 - BFG Magazine #18 is now available from GW US and is listed on their online store.  Only one more issue of BFG Magazine before BFG content is folded into the combined Fanatic magazine.


1/23/2004 - Reports are coming in from the BFG-list yahoo group that BFG Magazine #18 is now out.  Contents include the Elaysion Crusade campaign, the conclusion of the Eye of Terror Campaign for BFG, and official Tyranid rules.


11/21/2003 - More Tau minis will be available from Forge World on December 1st but can be pre-ordered now.  There is the Tau Air Caste Orbital City and the Tau Security Orbital.  Experimental rules are also available online.  Also to be released are Tau ordinance minis, the Tau Mantis bombers and the Tau Barracuda fighters.


11/15/2003 - The Specialist Games website recently had a Picture of the Day of the Eldar Void Dragon.  This would probably be available in mid 2004.

11/10/2003 - Forge World announces another new Tau starship miniature, the Warden class Gunship:

I think Dean showed you our first Tau ship for Battlefleet Gothic a few weeks ago didnít he? Well Will Hayes was the man responsible and he has just made another Tau ship, in less than a day! This is the Tau Warden Class gunship. This is an escort size ship that travels through the warp linked to a Tau capital ship using one of the larger shipís Gravitic Hooks. And yes, there are more ships and at least two great space stations to follow soon!

£6.00 for a pack of 4. They are available for pre-order now and should ship on November 24th.


10/23/2003 - The GW US Online Store now lists Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #17 as available in the US along with the Tau minis.  

Why is BFG Mag #17 out so soon in the US?  Maybe it is because Fanatic is discontinuing it in May 2004.  All separate magazines for Fanatic's games will be combined into a single 96 page full color magazine at that time.  Each game would continue to get an Annual consisting of all the best articles from the prior year.  Info is just coming out on this change as letters get delivered but one comment I saw was that BFG articles would be available online soon after each issue was published.


10/17/2003 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #17 is now available in the UK.  It focuses on the new Tau fleet as will the next 2 issues.


10/4/2003 - Forge World's latest newsletter includes a preview of the Emissary Class Starship (light cruiser size)  This is a Tau ship for BFG, the first in a different range of ships to those produced by Specialist Games.  Click the thumbnail image to the right for more preview pictures of the Emissary.


10/2/2003 - GW US announces that Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #16 should be in stores October 4th.


9/18/2003 - GW US announces that the Apocalypse class Battleship is now available in the US, though it is still not listed in the GW UK store website.

The GW UK store does list the Tau Fleet as a pre-order for a 9/23/2003 release date.

On the BFG-list yahoo group, Bell was at Gamesday UK 2003 and found out lots of neat stuff like:

The Tau will be featured in BFG mags 17, 18 and 19. There will 'probably' be another Tau vessel from FW inspired by the new 'Fire Warrior' game/book. The Kroot Warsphere/Battlesphere will be appearing in about 6 months. The Niccassar Dhows will appear about the same time; they will be rounded in shape with loads of sails all over, but this is still very much on the drawing board, if not in the que!  There will be special campaign rules for the Tau.

Craftworld Eldar! There will be new model releases for Craftworld Eldar ships (which have different stats to the current ones). They are bulkyer and rounder in the prow than our normal eldar cruisers.  The Craftworld rules will be in a near mag but the models won't be released until late next year.

Here is a picture of the Tau and  the Craftworld Eldar

8/20/2003 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #16 is now out in the UK.  It includes more on the Eye of Terror campaign along with information on the Grey Knights and stats for the Grey Knight Strike Cruiser.

In the US, the metal versions of the Space Marine escort miniatures should be in stores on 8/23.  Specifically they are the Hunter class Destroyer, Gladius class Frigate, and the Nova class Frigate.

FYI, it seems like GW had problems with the Apocalypse class Battleship miniature as it is no longer listed on the GW UK store website


7/31/2003 - Matt Keefe (senior editor BFG) has announced that a trial version of the Tau rules for BFG are online (   The fleet of minis is due to be released in September/October 2003 but they would like you to download the Word file of the ships and rules and playtest them.

Also, Forge World has posted a preview of an Eldar space station, the Haven class Spire.  No rules yet and no release date, just a teaser to make you want one or five.

7/5/2003 - GW US has announced that BFG Magazine #15 and the Chaos Daemonship are now available on this side of the pond.


6/25/2003 - The posted a very nice picture of the new Tau miniatures (right).  Click on the thumbnail for the full size version.


6/14/2003 - Fanatic has posted the 2 big articles from Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #15 on their Resources page.  So if you haven't gotten #15 yet and want to see the rules for Chaos Space Marine Fleet or the rules for Daemonships, you can now download the articles as pdf files.


6/8/2003 - Forge World announces a new mini for BFG, the Grey Knight Strike Cruiser for the Space Marines. It was first seen at the LA Gamesday but now Forge World has several pics of this new mini with different views (  It is available for pre-order now with a July 7th release date.  Cost is £5.00 (US$/Ä8.50) plus shipping

The Forge World Newsletter says: The Grey Knights are documented as possessing some of the fastest spaceships available. The Grey Knights Strike Cruiser features redesigned hull plating, stylized bridge and benedictions to the Emperor inscribed along the hull.

6/4/2003 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #15 is now listed on GW UK's online order list and the editorial is up on the Specialist Games BFG page.


4/28/2003 - Last weekend was Salute, one of the largest game shows in the UK.  GW previewed some upcoming minis and has pictures posted.  Specifically they had the Space Marine Escorts in pewter (not the Forgeworld resin versions) due in July (UK), a chaos Daemonship (June UK release) and some more Tau ships including the Hero class cruiser (September UK releases).  The thumbnails link to the pictures on's site.



4/6/2003 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #14 includes rules for the Imperial Apocalypse class Battleship, and the miniature for this ship is now available in the UK.

Also some very interesting news came out that the 2003 Annual will be replaced by a supplement due later in 2003 called, Armada. This information is from Matt K at GW posted to the bfg-list yahoogroup and the BFG Forum on GW's website:

It has come to my attention that news of the Armada supplement has already been leaked on to the internet through a newsletter of some sort. The news of Armada is actually privileged information, which wasn't meant to be public knowledge yet. I was rather hoping to be able to inform the rules committee first amongst other things! 
I was due to make a public announcement in a couple of months, but this has all rather forced my hand, so rather than allow rumour and speculation to mount I might as well just give you guys all the info straight away. 
The following excerpt is from the agenda I am currently writing to send to the rules review members, which introduces Armada. 
"Firstly, and this is a big one, there will be no 2003 BFG annual. This is because, instead, at the end of the year we will be releasing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, a 160-page supplement for the game covering all the ships and fleets released since the game was initially released. Unlike the annuals, the supplement will become a stock item, and remain in print, and in stock permanently (at least until the information in it is outdated, of course). 
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will be released in November/December 2003 
The decision to go without a 2003 was made as a result of consultations with the different international GW departments, and is actually part of a long term plan to make Fanatic publications more available. The effect of skipping an annual this year is that we can begin work on the 2004 annual much earlier, and hence implement a global release plan, meaning that from Armada onwards, BFG supplements and annuals (not magazines, yet) will be released on the same date in all countries (so no more 6 week waits in the USA or Australia). " 
Okay, that's the hard, fast and basic facts. Also, you might be interested to know that Armada will be published in the full size landscape format, identical to the rulebook (rather than in our magazine or annual formats). The book will be 100% official, meaning that everything contained in it will represent the final, official version of the rules, collecting together in one place such additions to the game as the Necron and Space Marine fleets (which are already official) plus all those currently in the process of moving from experimental to official status. That means that the BFG rulebook and Armada together will provide you with ALL official elements of the game up to this point in time.


3/13/2003 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #13 is now available in the US.  Also reports are that BFG Mag #14 is now out in the UK


3/1/2003 - The guys at were at Cry Havoc at the GW Headquarters and got a pic of some Tau minis set for a September 2003 UK release.  The pic is on this page.

GW US has released the 4 new Ork battleships:

While Orks have never been a race that is known for their sophistication, their innate mechanical ability and unstoppable aggression have enabled them to make their way to the stars! This week we have 4 huge new battleships from the Third Armageddon War for Da Boyz in Battlefleet Gothic, sure to bring massive amounts of green death to the rest of the galaxy.

Each is a type of the new Hammer Class Battle Kroozer, which first appeared in numbers during the war. Built around the hulks of captured or wrecked Imperial Capitol ships, they are greatly favored by Ork Warlords as their personal command ships. By adding ever-increasing amounts of armor and weapons, each has grown well beyond the scale of normal Ork ships to become truly monstrous vessels. Enemy admirals beware!

Rules for all of these ships can be found online at the Battlefleet Gothic Resources Site here in the file "The Return of the Beast," and in Battlefleet Gothic Magazine 13 too.

Each of these sets contains one complete model.



The following ships are available only through Mail Order or as Bitz through your local store:





2/7/2003 - GW has posted the 'Return of the Beast' rules for the 4 new Ork Battleships from BFG Mag #13 as a pdf file online (479kb).  Click here for a direct link to the pdf file or go to the BFG Resources page


2/1/2003 - Reports are in that BFG Magazine #13 is out in the UK and the highlight being the 4 new Ork battleships.  No image yet.  Now available in the US is the Falchion class frigate:

Armed with torpedoes and speed, Falchion Class Frigates were designed for patrolling deep space, guarding long haul convoys, and escorting Capital class ships.


12/15/2002 - Time to catch up on BFG Releases.  The Dark Eldar minis are now out, consisting of the Torture class Cruiser, the Corsair class Escorts and the Booster Pack which contains bits to customize your Dark Eldar ships.  GW has even put the Dark Eldar rules from BFG Mag #11 online here (this is a Word document).  A few other BFG articles were posted on the Specialist Games Resource page including Eldar Solaris and Aurora light cruisers and the Cleanse the Stars and Slayer of Worlds articles.


BFG Magazine #12 has been released in the UK and it includes rules for the new Imperial Endeavour Light Cruiser (above left) and variants along with the Falchion Escort (above right).  Unfortunately in Fanatic's December Newsletter, the let us know that there were some major molding problems due to the miniature design, so this mini has been delayed and the Endevour as shown in the magazine and will probably never be released.


10/27/2002 - This weeks release of minis is smaller than prior weeks.  Only the Tyranid Razorfiend Cruiser and the Space Marine Strike Cruiser are released.


10/22/2002 - The next wave of minis is now available consisting of space facilities and attack craft.  Included are the Blackstone Fortress, Defense Monitors and System Ships, Orbital Defense Platforms, Space Station/Orbital Dock (pictured), plus Imperial and Chaos ordinance and mines.


10/12/2002 - GW America's re-release of BFG is in full swing with new minis out every week and everything is in a blister or box.  The third wave of BFG re-releases is now available.  Battleships for most races to flesh out the fleets since several smaller ships were in the first releases.  Chaos Repulsive Grand Cruiser, Imperial Emperor class Battleship, Imperial Retribution class Battleship, Chaos Desolator class Battleship, Chaos Despoiler class Battleship, Chaos Planet Killer, Eldar Void Stalker, and the Necron Tombship.


Minis from the first wave are the Imperial Dauntless Light Cruiser, Eldar Eclipse Cruiser, Eldar Shadow Cruiser, Ork Kill Krooser, Ork Terror Ship, Necron Harvest/Scythe Class Cruiser, Necron Shroud Class Light Cruiser, and the Imperial and Chaos Cruiser boxes.


Minis from the second wave are Imperial Cobra Destroyers, Imperial Firestorm Frigates, Imperial Sword Frigates, Chaos Iconoclast Destroyers, Chaos Idolator Raiders, Chaos Infidel Raiders, Eldar Aconite Frigates, Eldar Hellbore Frigates, Eldar Hemlock Destroyers, Eldar Nightshade Destroyers, Ork Brute Ramships, Ork Onslaught Ships, Ork Ravager Attack Ships, Ork Savage Gunships, Necron Jackal class Raiders, and Necron Dirge class Raiders. 


Also keep and eye out for White Dwarf #273.  It has some BFG content including a large pullout recognition poster of BFG ships.


9/16/2002 - Battlefleet Gothic Magazine #11 spotted in in the UK (just as #10 shows up in the US).  It includes rules for the brand new Dark Eldar fleet, new rules for the Tyranid fleet, and system defenses   Also on the new support site, a picture of a Dark Eldar cruiser.


9/12/2002 - Battlefleet Gothic re-launch officially announced.  Here are some excerpts from the announcement from Tim Huckelbery of GW America:

...Games Workshop is proud to announce that Battlefleet Gothic, the game of Spaceship Combat, will be returning to our galaxy this September. The game will be re-launched along with a full complement of ships for all fleets in the game

...Fans can also expect new ships to cover the ancient Necrons and the cruel Dark Eldar, plus the ravenous Tyranid Hivefleets. Battlefleet Gothic Magazine will continue to support the game with new rules, scenarios, hobby tips, and more. Special sets of fighters, bombers, mines, space stations, assault ships, and more will also be coming out as part of the launch.

...Battlefleet Gothic is also supported with a new supplemental booklet called Invasion. Invasion contains new scenarios for Battlefleet Gothic, painting and scenery tips, fleet listings. It also has new Warhammer 40,000 missions such as boarding actions for so you can link results from one game to others. This booklet will appear the same day as the game itself, September 21st. "The new scenarios in Invasion and the others to come in White Dwarf and the Games Workshop Website are very important for Battlefleet Gothic," says Lonnie Mullins, Warhammer 40,000 Brand Manager. "They not only give players some great new ideas for Gothic play, but also firmly tie the game into the Warhammer 40,000 Universe by linking these games into games of Warhammer 40,000."

Right after the release of Battlefleet Gothic, each week will see new releases as multitudes of spaceships launch from the warp and into your local store! Within two months, there will be several dozen ships and other gaming related releases for Battlefleet Gothic available in stores, so that players can easily and quickly assemble their fleets for play.

The head of Specialist Games, Jervis Johnson, is extremely excited about the launch of Battlefleet Gothic in the USA. "It's a great game, and it's fantastic to see it being supported so well. Now that the game is back for good, the Fanatic Team is busy with plans for new models including Possessed Chaos ships, Ork Battleships, and we've started preliminary work on the Tau Warfleet."


For the full announcement along with the pictures that went with this release, go here.

More info on Invasion is available on a new GW BFG support page here.


8/27/2002 - It seems that a BFG booklet has been released called Battlefleet Gothic Invasion for for $3.95US. It is 32 pages and in a similar format and layout to the Warhammer Skirmish booklet. The table of contents are: 1 Introduction, 2 BFG Scenarios, 3 Asteroids and Planets, 5 Speed Painting of Fleets, 7 Ship Conversions, 8 Space Station Scenario, 10 Ship Showcase,  12 Boarding Actions, 18 Ion Cannon Scenario, 20 Catalog, 32 Assembling the Fleet.


8/15/2002 - The BFG Annual 2002 is available in the US, I picked up a copy at GenCon.  Also BFG Magazine #10 is available in the UK.


7/23/2002 - With the re-launch of BFG in September, miniatures from Forge World will now be packages and available as normal BFG minis along with a bunch of new ships:

NEW SHIPS (NR status): 

Vengeance class Grand Cruiser (five variants, both Imp and Chaos)

Space Marine escorts (Hunter, Nova, Gladius classes) 

Necron Fleet (consists of a BB, cruiser, light cruiser and two escort classes)

Armed freighter Escort carrier 

Eldar transport Planetary defenses (three types) 

Ramilies Starfort 

NEW MINIS (not NR status yet): 

Demiurg fleet (consists of BB and light cruiser, mercenaries that can be used with Imps, Chaos or Eldar -think Space Dwarves) 

Eldar light cruisers (two classes, one matches stats in Warp Storm) 

Super heavy transports (two classes) 

Tyranid hiveship and droneship 


Chaos Hellfire heavy cruiser 

Ork Hammer battle kroozer (model coming before Thanksgiving) 

UPCOMING SHIPS (minis expected available before Christmas) 

Dark Eldar fleet (consists of "modular" cruiser and escort, three classes total of each) 

Tyranid fleet (NEW hiveship, cruiser, two escort classes, the fleet rules are fixed but will be released later in the fall.) 

New "modular" Imperial light cruiser, three classes total 

New Imp escort 

Orbital Dock 

Space Station


7/17/2002 - The Re-launch of BFG is slated for September in the USA.  Besides the new Annual, additional new items will include a Space Station (boxed), Orbital Dock (boxed), Defense Platforms, system craft and a monitor (all in blisters).  New ships include a new Imperial Light Cruiser (Endeavor), a new Imperial Escort (Rules in BFG Mag #11), and a Hammer for the Orks.

To see some pictures of these minis, go here:


7/11/2002 - On the BFG-List Yahoo group, reports are that the Battlefleet Gothic 2002 Annual is now available for order from the UK Mail Order.  Make sure you ask for the "BFG Annual" and not Warpstorm 2.