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From Catalyst Game Labs


Classic Battletech Page


"BattleSpace is the game of space combat between JumpShips, DropShips and WarShips in the 31st century. Fully compatible with BattleTech, this large-scale ship combat game adds a new dimension to the wars of the future. This boxed set includes a rulebook/sourcebook that provides the history of naval warfare and the statistics and descriptions of ships currently in use in the Inner Sphere; two 22" x 34" full-color map sheets; color counters with stands; ship record sheets; and dice."


Additional warships are included in the Technical Readout 3057 supplement.


It seems that some of the material in BattleSpace will be included in the updated AeroTech 2, from FASA's website:

"AeroTech 2 combines material from BattleSpace and the original AeroTech, replacing both products with a completely revised aerospace combat game. Streamlined, fast-playing rules make it simple to play AeroTech alongside BattleTech, adding the element of air support to the game."


12/17/2008 - You can now get Strategic Operations as a pdf download.  A hard copy version is due the first quarter of 2009.

Liftoff planet and conquer an entire solar system! Deploy kilometer-long WarShips as escorts, first for JumpShips bridging the gulf between stars, then for detaching DropShips that burn in system to drop troops onto any battlefield. New aerospace tactics will allow you to gain air supremacy to match your grasp of ground tactics. Yet the war for a star system is more than a single battle and a commander that utilizes his supplies and personnel with skill will survive the numerous battles to come.

Strategic Operations is the one-source rulebook for advanced rules aerospace assets that open the entire conquest of a solar system. It includes new aerospace movement, combat and advanced aerospace unit construction rules, as well as comprehensive maintenance, salvage, repair and customization rules. Finally, a complete game system--BattleForce--allows players to use their existing miniatures and mapsheets to play quick, fast-paced BattleTech games, from companies to battalions and even regiments.


7/5/2008 - I have a tough time keeping up with this game.  Catalyst Game Labs now produces Classic Battletech products.  Battlespace is no longer in print or available but AeroTech 2 is available.

Rules for most of the game through aerospace fighters and dropships are in Total Warfare and construction rules for these units are in the TechManual.  It doesn't look like rules for capital ship combat or construction are include in those books.  Strategic Operations is in the works and will link all the rule so you can run on-going campaigns.

Ironwind Metals continues to produce more new minis in their AeroTech line.  I'll try and get pics of some of the new ones up soon.


2/20/2007 - I have gotten way behind on releases on miniatures for AeroTech.  Lots of new ships and even some micro-scale fighters have been released.  To see them all, go to Ironwind Metals website and click on the AeroTech menu or click on Online Exclusives and then AeroTech.

IWM has announced on The Miniatures Page that they will release 30 new micro-scale AeroTech fighters available exclusively through IWM.   The new fighters will be sold singly without bases or or stems for $0.35 or $0.40 each and all of their existing micro-scale fighters will be re-priced and sold singly in the same way.  At the same time their entire selection of bases will be made available for sale individually as well as several new bases and wires.  This will allow players to mix and match models and bases to suit their needs.  Then, in early March, several new AeroTech warships and jump ships will go online, as well as 4 new FanTech Mech Scale Fighters and hopefully, some other surprises as well.



7/19/2004 - AeroTech 2 Revised is now available, "This Revised Edition of the rulebook has been extensively expanded and incorporates more than four years of player feedback to create the most comprehensive set of aerospace rules yet published for the BattleTech universe."

The miniature releases for August and September have been announced.  Only a couple of AeroTech minis early on in this cycle.

Week of 8/9/04  - 20-193 Texas Battleship $9.95
Week of 8/23/04  - 20-194 Whirlwind Destroyer $7.95


Here are some pictures from the Ral Partha Europe store and the Classic Battletech Forums of more of the miniatures available:


Invader Jumpship, Union-C Dropship, and Overlord-C Dropship

Thera Supercarrier

Zechetinu Corvette

Feng Huang Cruiser

Carrier Dropships

Black Lion Battlecruiser

Night Lord Battleship

Achilles Assault Dropship

Vengeance Fighter Carrier

Noruff Assault Dropship


5/27/2004 - The upated Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3057, Revised is now in stores and Aerotech 2 Revised should show up soon.  In the May Battlechat it is mentioned that an aerospace fighter technical readout will be published in the future.


4/18/2004 - Ironwind Metals has posted a release schedule for June and July.  Thanks to Spike for letting me know.

Week of 5/31/04
20-183 Achilles Assault Dropship
20-184 Eagle Frigate
Week of 6/14/04
20-185 Vengeance Fighter Carrier (3)
20-186 Noruff Assault Dropship (3)
20-187 Black Lion Battlecruiser
Week of 6/28/04
20-188 Night Lord Battleship
Week of 7/12/04
20-189 Kyushu Frigate
20-190 Hamilcar Assault Dropship (3)
Week of 7/26/04
20-191 Agamemnon Heavy Cruiser
20-192 Essex Destroyer


4/9/2004 - Well, I haven't updated much here even though a bunch of the minis below were released, I just had a very hard time finding pictures of the minis.  If you are not familiar with the Battletech universe, you don't know what they should look like.  Well I do need to update things here and I do have a few pics so enjoy.

May Release Schedule:

Week of May 3rd
20-180 Carrier Dropship (fighter carrier) (2) $8.50

Week of May 17th
20-181 Liberator Cruiser - $8.95

20-182 Impavido Destroyer - $7.95

The revised AeroTech 2 is and revised TR 3057 were at the printers in March but still don't show as available on the Classic Battletech website.


       Kirishima Cruiser and Vincent Mk42 Corvette



Fredasa Corvette


Cameron Battlecruiser and York Destroyer/Carrier


Sovietskii Soyuz Heavy Cruiser


Leviathan (limited edition)


Broadswoard Dropship (3)


Lola III Destroyer

Potemkin Troop Cruiser



12/13/2003 - The revised version of the AeroTech 2 rulebook is scheduled for release in February 2004.  

"This Revised Edition of the rulebook has been extensively expanded and incorporates more than four years of player feedback to create the most comprehensive set of aerospace rules yet published for the BattleTech universe."

Also in the works and close to printing is a revised Technical Readout 3057: Dropships, Jumpships, & Warships.  

"This revised edition of the original Technical Readout: 3057 contains descriptions, illustrations and full AeroTech 2 statistics for the Inner Sphere and Clan DropShips, JumpShips, WarShips, small craft and space stations most common in 3057. Additionally, this volume contains twenty-four WarShips mentioned in the fictional context of the BattleTech universe but never before presented in a technical readout."

Here is the miniatures release schedule for 2004 through April:

Week of 1/12/04
20-166 Kirishima Cruiser $8.95
20-167 Vincent MK 42 Corvette $7.50
Week of 1/26/04
20-168 Cameron Battlecruiser $9.50
20-169 Thera Carrier $9.95
Week of 2/9/2004
20-170 York Destroyer/Carrier $7.95
20-171 Fredasa Corvette $7.50
Week of 2/23/2004
20-172 Sovietskii Soyuz Heavy Cruiser $8.50
20-173 Zechetinu Corvette $7.50
Week of 3/8/04
20-174 Feng Huang Crusier $8.95
20-175 Broadsword Dropship (3) $8.50
20-625 Cerberus $9.95
Week of 3/22/04
20-176 Lola III Destroyer $7.95
20-177 Potemkin Troop Cruiser $9.50
Week of 4/19/2003
20-178 Union C Dropship (2) $7.95
20-179 Overlord C Dropship (2)  $8.50


9/18/2003 - The next batch of Aerotech 2 minis are out, the Fox Corvette, Aegis Heavy Cruiser, and 2 more packs of fighters.  The pictures are from warzy1 at the message board of  


A master of the Invader class jumpship can be seen here.

Also here is the latest on the future plans for AT2 minis:

Starting in January ( most likely ) there will be a release of 2 to 3 minis per month ( if Behrle can work them in without falling behind on other commitments ). DropShips are still in negotiation and may be farmed out to several other sculptors as well. The "official" second batch of WarShips includes the Thera, Kirishima, Feng Huang, Zechetinu, Cameron, Potemkin, Sovietskii Soyuz, York, Lola III, Fredasa and Vincent Mk 42. Proposed DropShips would be the Achilles, Hamilcar, Vengeance, Noruff, Broadsword, Union-C, Overlord-C and Carrier. I do not yet know in what order the ships will be released but, when I have the info, you will have it immediately thereafter. Mike Noe at IWM says the Aerotech line is only selling a little less well than the Battletech line at this point and restock requests by retailers look good -- this is good news for Aerotech.


8/21/2003 - Kirk Alderfer pointed me to a thread on the Classic Battletech Message Board where MajorLeaf had posted a picture of all the warships and dropships currently released.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

You need to be a member of the Classic Battletech Message Board to see the discussions on Ironwind Metals Miniatures.  Currently there is a topic "Help choose next Warship Sculpts"  The original list suggested were the Vincent, Lola III, Fredasa, Zechetinu, Essex, Potemkin, Sovietskii Soyuz, Black Lion, Feng Huang and Thera but it looks like there will be some modification like replacing the Black Lion with the Cameron.  They are also getting quotes on the costs of sculpting more dropships. 


8/9/2003 - Thanks to ZiggyRed who picked up these minis at his local game store, I got a picture of the Union (round) and Overlord (egg-shaped) dropships along with the new Suffren Destroyer (left bottom), click on the thumbnail for a larger version. Also in the shot are some Leopard class Dropships (center), the Avalon Cruiser (center bottom) and a NAC Heavy Cruiser from GZG for scale (right)

ZiggyRed says the Suffren has some similarities to the McKenna and the detail on the Union and Overlord dropships is great.


7/31/2003 - The first batch of new AeroTech 2 minis has been released.  I got some pics from GenCon but Rommel Twee posted in the SCN Forum that pics were up on the Lords of the Battlefield Forum.  The picture is from Warzy1.  They are from left to right, Leopard Dropship, Sparrowhawk fighters (in flights of 3), Mckenna, and the Avalon Cruiser.  No previews were available at GenCon of the minis in the coming releases other than the Congress.

Also looking at the future releases for the Classic Battletech line, it mentions as a Late Fall 2003 release, Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3057, Revised, the one with all the Dropships, Jumpships and Warships.  It states:

This revised edition of the original Technical Readout: 3057 contains descriptions, illustrations and full AeroTech 2 statistics for the Inner Sphere and Clan DropShips, JumpShips, WarShips, small craft and space stations most common in 3057. Additionally, this volume contains twenty-four WarShips mentioned in the fictional context of the BattleTech universe but never before presented in a technical readout.


5/5/2003 - Trying to find out more info on the new releases has been difficult.  Iron Wind Metals website is out of date and hasn't been updated in months.  Fanpro's Battletech site is little better other than the Battlechats.  I did get a report from jabop38l that more of the Aerotech fighter minis were now available, specifically the Stuka, Cheetah, Chippewa, Riever, and the Seydlitz.


Then I just checked the Battlechat again and found the May 2003 edition is now up.  Lots of good information in there, the highlights are:


For those of you waiting with bated breath for the new AeroTech 2 WarShip/JumpShip/DropShip miniatures, I thought I'd provide a quick update. Below is the release information, along with tentative dates and a scale for the ships, from Iron Wind Metals.

I can't wait to have my McKenna on my desk. (Thanks again to all of those who posted on the fan input thread and helped to create this schedule.)





McKenna (WarShip)



Avalon (WarShip)



Aerospace fighters #1-light (Sparrowhawks)

3 Stands of 3


DropShips #1-small (Leopard)



DropShips #2-medium (Union)



DropShips #3-large (Overlord)



Suffren (WarShip)



Congress (WarShip)



Aerospace fighters #2-medium (Corsairs)

3 stands of 3


Aerospace fighters #3-heavy (Slayers)

3 stands of 3


Aegis (WarShip)



Fox (WarShip)



Invader (Jumpship)





Clan Light Fighters

3 stands of 3


Clan Medium Fighters

3 stands of 3


Clan Heavy Fighters

3 stands of 3




Recharge Stations and Leviathans






Cruisers/Large Civilian JumpShips



Light Cruisers



Destroyers/Medium Civilian JumpShips






Corvettes/Small Civilian JumpShips



Large DropShips



Medium DropShips



Small DropShips



Aerospace fighters




3/27/2003 - More interesting news, now in the March 2003 Battlechat.  It includes the following tentative release schedule:


  - McKenna (WarShip)

  - Avalon (WarShip)

  - Aerospace Fighter Squadron #1 (Sparrowhawks)

  - DropShip Small (2 Leopards)

  - DropShip Medium (Union)

  - DropShip Large (Overlord)

  - Suffren (WarShip)

  - Congress (WarShip)


  - Aerospace Fighter Squadron #2 (Corsairs)

  - Aerospace Fighter Squadron #3 (Slayers)



  - Aegis (WarShip)

  - Fox (WarShip)

  - Invader (JumpShip)

Also mentioned in the Battlechat:

Now, with a miniature line to finally support the printed product, I can finally see if my idea will take hold or not. As an aside, in the coming months I'll be announcing two more products that will, in part, also generate excitement and interest in the aerospace aspects of the BattleTech universe.


12/20/2002 - Interesting news from Randall N. Bills, the BattleTech Line Developer in his December 2002 Battlechat:

...Second, as part of this massive event, Iron Wind Metals will be producing a limited edition Leviathan-class WarShip miniature (approx. 2.5" in length); the Leviathan will be sculpted by Beherle Hubbuch, renowned for his work on the Babylon 5 miniature ship line. Each event will receive one of these miniatures, which will go to the overall winner of each event location. Even more fantastic, this will herald the beginning of a line of WarShip miniatures that will begin to release next spring. Though BattleTech is about BattleMechs, I've always loved space games and I believe there is plenty of room for both out there (especially now that we have the AeroTech 2: Record Sheets to make play so easy), so I'm extremely pleased that Iron Wind Metals is as excited about this line as I am.
    As the genesis for this idea was born in my brain only a week or so ago, I'd like to personally thank Warner Doles and Herb Beas for fleshing the idea into reality (Chris Hartford for applying his formidable expertise to the subject), Scott Taylor for immediately running full-steam ahead with no notice at all and a short preparation time (not to mention coming up with the idea of the limited edition Leviathan) and Drew Williams (along with the rest of the Iron Wind Metals crew) for enthusiastically embracing such a wacky idea at the last conceivable moment and taking what will be a great event and making it simply fantastic.

Also recently released is AeroTech 2: Record Sheets which contains a filled-out record sheet for EVERY conventional fighter, aerospace fighter, small craft, dropship, jumpship, warship and space station, along with all the variants currently in use with in the Battletech universe.  This book contains 319 filled-out record sheets providing a single book for the complete aerospace assets of the Battletech Universe, 328 pages.


10/23/2001 - FASA has closed and sold its major properties.  Wizkids who make Mage Knight, now own Battletech and will create a Mage Knight-like game with mechs to be called Battletech.  The game system ans universe formerly known as Battletech has been licensed to a German company FanPro who will continue that game now known as Classic Battletech.  Follow all that?  Go to for more info.


4/19/2000 - AeroTech 2 is back from the printers and should be in stores starting next week.


4/5/2000 - From the BattleSpace Onelist mailing list, AeroTech 2 is at the printer and  *should* be back from the printers this week and thus in the shops in a couple of weeks.