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From Fantasy Flight's webpage

Mag•Blast is a game of screaming space battles, where 2-8 players take command of a fleet of Scouts, Gunships, Dreadnaughts, Destroyers, and even more frightening ships in an effort to blow up their opponent's fleet of Scouts, Gunships - you get the idea. Featuring Fantasy Flight Games patented "Make a Silly Noise or Miss" Blast Targeting System™, Mag•Blast packs more laughs per square inch than any other starfleet-battling ship-exploding science-fiction card game named Mag•Blast on the market!

Mag•Blast 3rd Edition features brand new artwork by renowned cartoonist John Kovalic, as well as new action cards and direct hit effects, streamlined rules, and ten all-new races.

Just remember: In space, everyone can hear you scream!


9/18/2006 - Mag•Blast 3rd Edition is now available.  More information including more images of the new artwork is available on Fantasy Flight's new Mag•Blast page including the full rules are available online.


7/18/2006 - Due in September is the 3rd edition of Mag•Blast:

Featuring all of the fast-paced fun and powerful ships of the previous editions, and boasting new artwork by renowned cartoonist John Kovalic, Mag-Blast 3rd Edition  introduces eight new flagships with exciting and tricky powers, seven ship types, 20 different action card types including fighters and bombers, and three blast card types, including the famous Mag-Blast!

For some samples of the artwork on the cards, check out John Kovalic's Live Journal.


3/14/2003 - The FFG 'Rant' for 3/13 says Mag•Blast 2nd Edition should be shipping to distributors next week and then be in stores the following week:

"Also, finally shipping, after many long years of waiting will be….. (drum roll, please) …..MAG BLAST! 2nd Edition! Yes, it’s true Mag Blast 2nd ed. will finally be hitting the stores in a little over a week’s time. So, when your local retailer gets back from the GAMA show, they should have it available for you."


2/7/2003 - Mag•Blast 2nd Edition is on Fantasy Flight's schedule for a February release and they finally have a page set up for this edition of the game.  Also they have the Mag•Blast rules available as a free pdf download.

In the description of the game, the 2nd edition adds:

This second edition of Mag•Blast includes new flagships, new ships, and powerful new action cards to unleash upon your opponents. This edition also introduces cards that upgrade your ships with auxiliary cannons, defense turrets, fighter bays, and more!


12/21/2002 - Another rant about Mag•Blast this time from 11/28:

The second edition of MAG BLAST is coming! Yes, you've heard it all before. But this time it's really going to happen... maybe even in time for Christmas.

You want proof? Okay, feast your eyes on this sweet new card art from Tyler Walpole and John Goodenough.

4 images are then shown (one of which is shown to the right), and Mag•Blast 2nd Edition is now on FFG's release schedule for January (VT02, $19.95)


7/26/2002 - On FFG's webpage, Darrell has the following Rant:

That's right. We're going to do a second edition of MAG-BLAST. This time we mean it. This time for sure. We've got art, we've got room in the budget, we've got a deadline from a concerned group of MAG-BLAST fans: "Release it this year, or we will send ninjas to eliminate you."

Around here, we take threats of ninjas very seriously.


1/13/2002 - Looking at Fantasy Flight's release schedule, Mag•Blast 2nd Edition is now set for a March release.


11/11/2001 - It seems that the supplements have been scrapped, but don't worry, Mag•Blast 2nd Edition is due out in December according to Game Trader magazine and talk on Fantasy Flight Games message board.

According to the info in Game Trader, Mag•Blast 2nd Edition will include redesigned races, new and improved artwork, 58 additional cards, 4 new flagships, action cards, ship cards as bombers, minesweepers, invasion barges, and turrets.  Product code VA-02, $19.95


5/5/2001 - Still nothing firm on these supplements, though from what I have heard they are pretty much ready but they just keep on getting bumped back in the schedule by other products.


4/6/2000 -  I received a Newsletter from Fine Games ( and the following items were listed as pending releases:

          MAG BLAST CARD GAME: OUTLANDS     SB          $8.00  due 00/ 4

          MAG BLAST CARD GAME: RIMWORLDS   SB          $8.00  due 00/ 4