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"Royal houses vie against rival fleets and pirates for supremacy of the Known Worlds. Command frigates, destroyers or dreadnoughts to carve a fiefdom from the stars! Let loose all guns against your enemies and loot their crippled ships! "Noble Armada" is a unique miniatures experience: a game that appeals to beginners and veterans alike -- and it's compatible with the Fading Suns roleplaying game, for those gamers who want to involve their characters in starship combats."


Mongoose Publishing is using the same universe and ships for their A Call To Arms game.  Mongoose has expanded on the ships and miniatures that were available before adding new ships and new factions while updating the miniatures that were originally available.


6/3/2012 - RedBrick, the people who are now publishing the Fading Suns RPG have indicated that they have "recently negotiated a license for a revised Noble Armada space miniatures game".  This was further clarified that the new edition of NA isn't on their active development radar, so it won't be out for a while and also in terms of miniatures use, you can use your ACTA:NA starships. The NA rules are designed for different style of play to ACTA, so there's no conflict. They are not doing starship miniatures; just the NA rulebook to play with them.


11/7/2010 - Mongoose Publishing will be releasing a new edition of their A Call To Arms game based on Noble Armada in February of 2011.  It will use the same background and miniatures but the rules will be based on ACTA.  Additional ships and miniatures will be added.  Additional Updates will be found at the A Call to Arms SCN page.


11/10/2003 - Holistic Design's website has not been updated yet, but I have seen a couple auctions for the Noble Armada Basic Intro Pack up for auction on ebay like this one.


8/9/2003 - Checking the Holistic Design's coming soon page, the Noble Armada Basic Intro Pack is now slated for a September release.

While at GenCon, I asked about future miniatures, and they stated that nothing was imminent, though they are looking at packaging some of their minis in blisters instead of the boxed sets per customer request.


5/17/2003 - Holistic Design has announced that available in July will be the Noble Armada Basic Intro Pack:

The "classic" Noble Armada 48 page basic rulebook, 20 ship display sheets (4 never before available to the public!) and a brand new set of cut out counters (ship tokens, missiles, boarders, etc.) are all now available in one "intro pack" at a fantastic value! Now you can try out the original basic Noble Armada - Holistic's highly acclaimed starship combat game of broadsides and boarding actions in space - for about the cost of a paperback! Compatible with Fading Suns roleplaying.


7/23/2002 - The Noble Armada Expanded Edition rulebook and Ships of the Line miniatures pack have been officially released are now available. The new Expanded Edition rules incorporate fighters, magic, stealth tech, living ships, alien races and RPG interaction to the basic Noble Armada game of broadsides an boarding actions.


6/17/2002 - Lots of updates on Holistic Design's website.  The computer game version of Noble Armada is now due this Fall, more information here.

The Noble Armada Expanded Edition rulebook is now due in July:

A Starship Miniatures Game of Broadsides and Boarding Actions

Royal houses vie against rival fleets and pirates for supremacy of the Known Worlds. Noble Armada is a unique miniatures experience a game that appeals to beginners and veterans alike. The Expanded Edition rulebook includes complete rules for playing starship battles between human and alien factions in the distant future, featuring over 25 starships, from frigates, fighters and carriers to the massive dreadnought. Includes new rules for the quantum-tech ships of the alien Vau Hegemony and the living ships of the metamorphic Symbiots, as well as rules for casting psychic powers across the void and details on using Noble Armada starships in sci-fi roleplaying games, including Fading Suns.
1: Basics
2: Ship Movement
3: Ship Combat
4: Boarding Actions
5: Example of Play

6: Advanced Rules
7: Fighters & Carriers

8: Occult Powers
9: The Vau
10: The Symbiots
11: Optional Rules
12:Tactical Tips
13: Scenarios
14: Ship Construction
15: Roleplaying Noble Armada
Jumpweb of the Known Worlds
Introduction to Fading Suns
Ship Display Sheets & Game Components:
Ship Occultist Display
Ship Displays

#512, ISBN 1-888906-63-4, $25.00


Also due in July is the Ships of the Line miniatures pack:

Classic Noble Armada spaceship miniatures and other materials for use with the Noble Armada Expanded Edition rulebook or any spaceship battle game. Includes 32 plastic spaceship miniatures and stands, four 20-sided dice, four 17x22 hex map playing surface pages, and 240 counters! Compatible with Fading Suns roleplaying. #513, ISBN 1-888906-64-2, $25.00


5/13/2002 - I was wondering the status of the Noble Armada Expanded Edition listed as an April release but I hadn't heard any word on it yet, so I dropped Holistic Design a note asking the status and got this back:

Actually the book is slated to go to the printers this week. We should have finished product on store shelves in about 4 weeks. Sorry about the delay.


1/25/2002 - Holistic Design has posted their release schedule for the first half of 2002 and included are a couple interesting items for Noble Armada:


Complete in one book, all the rules needed for playing Holistic's starship combat game of broadsides and boarding actions in space. Includes all new rules for Symbiots, Vau, Vuldrok and Kurgans. Compatible with Fading Suns roleplaying.
#512, ISBN 1-888906-63-4, $25.00

Notice the new rules for 4 new fleets.  Also included in their schedule:


Classic Noble Armada spaceships, and other materials for use with Noble Armada Expanded Edition or basic Noble Armada (or any spaceship battle game)..) Includes 32 plastic spaceship miniatures and stands, four 20- sided dice, four 17x22 hex map playing surface pages, and 240 counters! Compatible with Fading Suns roleplaying. Approved for use with TRAVELLER&Mac226;
#513, ISBN 1-888906-64-2, $25.00


11/13/2001 - According to Holistic Design's website, a Fading Suns supplement, 'Space Station Cirrus Deckplans' is at the printers and should be available later this month.  Of note to Noble Armada gamers is that included in this supplement "Also includes Noble Armada space station rules and battle traits."


8/19/2001 - I talked with the guys at Holistic Design while at GenCon and they gave me a bit of insight on the future of Noble Armada.  They showed me some of the painted fantasy figures they were selling, not a bad job at all for the price ($24.95 for 5) and they hinted that painted starships may show up someday.  When I asked what was next set of Noble Armada minis, they said all of the main houses now have smaller ships available so someday they will look at doing larger ships for them, but the next minis will probably be space stations.  I just went to their webpage and to be released in October 2001:


A veritable fortress in space, Cirrus provides a setting for adventure and intrigue in its labyrinthine halls and trade centers. When the call to battle stations is sounded, massive weaponry thunders out -- opponents had best beware. These deckplans are designed for use with NOBLE ARMADA or FADING SUNS, or just about any sci-fi game. Contents: Ten 17" x 22" poster pages, and one Noble Armada display sheet. Approved for use with TRAVELLER

#511, ISBN: 1-888906-62-6, $16.95

Notice that it includes a Noble Armada display sheet, coincidence?


7/11/2001 - I got word from Rich at Flights of Fantasy that the al-Malik minis showed up at his store so they should now be available.  Also if your store uses Alliance as a distributor, it seems that they have some very good prices on the Noble Armada minis in their Summer Sales Flier.


5/26/2001 - HD has announced the next box of miniatures, the al-Malik Ships: The Emerald Djinn Fleet:

A set of metal starship miniatures, including:

- Four Odyssey class explorers

- Four Spider class frigates

- Four Rahimat galliots.

Also includes poster page deckplans and a ship display.


Stock #510 - ISBN 1-888906-61-8


1/23/2001 - Holistic Design now has a Li Halen Minis page up and it includes a bunch of pictures.  Also listed are the names of the new ships, the Cardano galliot, Iskati frigate, Slayer raider.


1/15/2001 - Announced as available in February 2001 on HD's release schedule:


12 metal miniatures for NOBLE ARMADA from House Li Halan's fleet. Four raiders, four frigates and four galliots. Also includes three poster page deckplans and two new ship displays. #509, ISBN: 1-888906-60-X, $29.95


Holistic Design's Product Catalog and 1999 release schedule had the following additional items listed:

JULY - Infestation: Symbiots vs Al-Malik Fleets

The Stigmata Garrison can't stop every starship - symbiots inevitably break through into Al-Malik space, threatening worlds defended by fleets of missile-bearing Symbiot ships with metamorphing guns, regenerating huls and inhuman marines?  Includes miniatures, rulebook, ship displays, counters, deckplan maps.


SEPTEMBER - Capital Ships: Symbiot & Al-Malik

The big bruisers of both fleets get their own miniatures set, along with some other ships which harass enemy armadas


NOVEMBER - Evangelical Sword: Church Ships

The nobles aren't the only ones spreading into barbarian space: the Church send its priests to spread the light.  Instead of land, they want converts - and maybe some loot besides.  Includes 2 Inquisition Rack class frigates, 2 Avestite Halvor class galliots, 2 Brother Battle Redeemer class landers and 2
class Fast Freighters


The supplement for the Symbiots and the related minis have been removed from the shedule having been delayed until sometime next year.  Also the pack of the Church ships is no longer listed on their schedule.


HD is also working on a computer game of Noble Armada, they have a demo movie available if you can handle a 24MB download.