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You may see some starship minis with a ratio scale next to them like 1/3900 or 1/20000 but those numbers don't tell you specifically how big the miniatures are and how well they work on the gaming table with a fleet from another manufacturer.

Scale in this case is related to the size of the physical miniature, not a relationship to the actual starship (since starships in these games don't really exist ) or a defined size of what the starship would be.

The purpose of this page is to help you know if Fleet A from Company 1 would look good on the table with Fleet X from Company 7.   Thus if you have miniatures from one company and want more miniatures that are of a similar size, here is your list.



There are 3 main scales of starship minis:

Fleet Scale

Smaller miniatures with none being larger than about 3 inches (75mm) with the most common ships in the 1-2 inch (25-50mm) range. This scale is usually associated with the out of production  Fleet Action line of Babylon 5 line of miniatures but other examples are the Star Blazers miniatures and the VBAM minis.  

Players can simulate this scale by using larger scale fleets but using only the smaller minis from those fleets and promoting them in class, i.e. destroyer minis become cruisers, cruiser minis become battleships, etc.

Squadron Scale

This is the most common scale of starship minis that most lines fall into with the Full Thrust line of miniatures being the popular example of this scale. The largest ships may be about 5 inches (125mm) in length but most ships fit in the 2-4 inch (50-100mm) range.

Large Scale

Big minis where many ships are over 3 inches (75mm) long and some can get over 6 inches (150mm).  Babylon 5 Wars / A Call to Arms, Battlefleet Gothic, Galactic Knights and Firestorm Armada minis are examples of this scale.



For fighters there are 2 common scales:

Fleet Scale

These fighter minis are usually less than half an inch long and are commonly used as part of a fleet game and based with multiple fighters on a single stand.  

Most if not all fighter miniatures that are part of a line that also includes starships are fleet scale fighters.

Dogfight Scale

Larger fighter minis that are usually intended to be based singly on a stand and treated as a single fighter in a fighter combat game like Silent Death.


Pictures of miniatures in more than one line next to each other are available in this topic on the SCN Forum - Comparing Miniatures


Scale by Miniatures Line

This is a general classification for some of the most popular miniature lines, there may be specific ship miniatures that fall outside of the scale indicated.  The name of the line of miniatures is a link to measurements of a sample of minis in that line.

Line of Miniatures Scale Line of Miniatures Scale
A Call to Arms: B5 Large Nexus Games (Fighter) Dogfight
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Squadron Noble Armada Squadron
Attack Vector: Tactical Fleet Power Projection: Traveller Fleet
Battlefleet Gothic Large Reviresco Squadron
Battlespace/Aerotech 2 Squad/Large? Saganami Island Tac Sim Squad?
Brigade Models Squadron Silent Death (Fighters) Dogfight
C in C (Fighters) Dogfight Space Dreadnought 3000 Squadron
Cold Navy Squadron Squadron Strike Fleet
Cyprian Rift: Warships Fleet Starfire Squadron
EM-4 (Fighters) Dogfight Star Blazers FBS Fleet
Firestorm: Armada Large Star Fleet Battles Squadron
Federation Commander Squadron Studio Bergstrom Fleet/Squadron
Fleet Action (B5) Fleet Valiant Enterprises Squadron
Full Thrust Squadron VBAM Fleet
Galactic Knights Large Voidstriker Squadron
Galactic: Conflict in the Stars Fleet War Rocket Squadron?
Iron Stars Squadron With Hostile Intent Squadron
Lightning Strike Squadron Zandris IV Miniatures Squadron



Measurements by Miniatures Line


A Call to Arms (Babylon 5 Wars) - Large Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Earthforce Omega 119mm Centauri Primus 109mm
Earthforce Hyperion 77mm Centauri Vorchan 48mm
Earthforce Nova DN 114mm Narn G'Quan 102mm
Minbari Sharlin 63x90mm Whitestar 57mm
Vorlon Heavy Cruiser 130mm Shadow Cruiser 48x58mm
Vorlon Destroyer/Transport 65mm Brakiri Avioki 55mm


Attack Vector: Tactical - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length


Battlefleet Gothic - Large Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Imperial Fleet Chaos Fleet
Emperor class Battleship 118 mm Planet Killer 138 mm
Retribution class Battleship 125 mm Desolator class Battleship 126 mm
Apocalypse class Battleship 122 mm Despoiler class Battleship 120 mm
Vengeance class Grand Cruiser 115 mm Repulsive class Grand Cruiser 95 mm
Cruiser (multiple classes) 95 mm Cruiser (multiple classes) 96 mm
Dauntless class Light Cruiser 75 mm Infidel class Raider 42 mm
Falchion class Escort 49 mm Idolator class Raider 40 mm
Sword class Frigate 47 mm Iconoclast class Destroyer 38 mm
Cobra class Destroyer 30 mm
Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship 125 mm
Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser 93 mm
Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruiser 75 mm


Battlespace/Aerotech 2 - ? Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Vincent mk39 Corvette 34mm Congress Frigate 56mm
Lola mkI/II Destroyer 41mm Black Lion Battlecruiser 61mm
Carson Destroyer 43mm Mjolnir Battlecruiser 70mm
Essex Destroyer 43mm Monsoon Battleship 64mm
Aegis Cruiser 58mm    


Brigade Models - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
American Republic Fleet European Federation Fleet
 Newman class Dreadnought 104mm  Milano class Dreadnought 90mm
 Oriskany class Attack Carrier 92mm  Umburto class Battlecarrier 89mm
 Underwood class Light Carrier 67mm  Cerbere class Light Carrier 70mm
 Lerchey class Battleship 66mm  Liberte class Battleship 66mm
 New Jersey class Battlecruiser 60mm  Abruzzi class Cruiser 72mm
 Pittsburgh class Cruiser 51mm  Valmy class Cruiser 50mm
 Baltimore class Light Cruiser 48mm  Condorcet class Light Cruiser 40mm
 Kinkade class Destroyer 39mm  Insidiso class Destroyer 39mm
 Guardian class Corvette 21mm  Le Malin class Escort Frigate 32mm


Cyprian Rift: Warships - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Obsidian Confederate Fleet
 Heavy Carrier 60mm  Assault Frigate 37mm
 Light Carrier 48mm  Patrol Frigate 35mm
 Cruiser 33mm  Corvette 35mm
 Destroyer 38mm  Cutter 33mm


Cold Navy - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Terran Republic Fleet Mauridian Star Empire
 Conquest class Battleship 97mm  Gal'Ethon class Dreadnought 91mm
 Avatar class Battle Cruiser 88mm  Vel'Naveg class Missile Cruiser 69mm
 Orion class Cruiser 58mm  Ven'Tara class Light Carrier 56mm
 Masada class Heavy DD 60mm  Ba'Negva class Assault Frigate 43mm
 Northampton class Frigate 41mm  Ba'Rada class Assault Frigate 43mm


Federation Commander / Star Fleet Battles (Starline 2400 series) - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Federation Dreadnought 85mm Klingon B10 Battleship 75mm
Federation Battlecruiser 77mm Klingon C8 Dreadnought 71mm
Federation Heavy Cruiser 77mm Klingon C7 Heavy Battlecruiser 55mm
Federation Old Light Cruiser 44mm Klingon D7 Battlecruiser 50mm
Federation Destroyer 65mm Klingon F5 Frigate 26mm
Federation Frigate 30mm


A Call to Arms: Star Fleet (Starline 2500 series) - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Federation DNG 102mm Klingon C8 Dreadnought 95mm
Federation BCH 89mm Klingon C7 Heavy Battlecruiser 86mm
Federation Heavy Cruiser 89mm Klingon D7 Battlecruiser 79mm
Federation Old Light Cruiser 73mm Klingon F5 Frigate 44mm
Federation Frigate 38mm


Firestorm Armada - Large Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Terran Alliance Fleet Dindrenzi Federation Fleet
 Razorthorne Class Battleship 170mm  Conqueror Class Battleship 170mm
 Zenith Class Carrier 76mm  Claymore Class Carrier 95mm
 Sentinel Class Cruiser 78mm  Fury Class Cruiser 92mm
 Pilgrim Class Frigate 49mm  Hammer Class Frigates 49mm
Aquan Prime Fleet Sorylian Collective Fleet
 Poseidon Class Battleship 135mm  Swordbreaker Class Battleship 140mm
 Triton Class Carrier 104mm  Morning Star Class Carrier 90mm
 Storm Class Cruiser 85mm  Skyhammer Class Cruisers 92mm
 Pirahna Class Frigate 46mm  Scythe Class Frigates 58mm


Fleet Action (B5) - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Earthforce Omega 53mm Centauri Primus 44mm
Earthforce Hyperion 40mm Centauri Vorchan 22mm
Whitestar 20mm Narn G'Quan 42mm
Minbari Sharlin 35x50mm


Full Thrust - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
FSE Fleet UNSC Fleet
 Foch class Super Dreadnought 126mm  Sol class ER Super Dreadnought 107mm
 Jeanne D'Arc class Fleet Carrier 126mm  Gaia class Super Dreadnought 96mm
 Bonaparte class Battle D'nought 89mm  Constellation class Heavy Carrier 106mm
 Bologna class Light Carrier 87mm  Sea class Battledreadnought 85mm
 Roma class Battleship 65mm  Star class Light Carrier 84mm
 Ypres class Battlecruiser 65mm  Comet class Escort Carrier 57mm
 Jerez class Heavy Cruiser 57mm  Luna class Battleship 74mm
 Milan class Escort Cruiser 50mm  River class Heavy Cruiser 60mm
 Suffren class Light Cruiser 43mm  Storm class Strike Cruiser 62mm
 Trieste class Heavy Destroyer 35mm  Bay class Escort Cruiser 48mm
 San Miguel class Destroyer 35mm  Mountain class Light Cruiser 45mm
 Ibiza class Frigate 24mm  Lake class Destroyer 37mm
 Athena class Corvette 22mm  Lawkeeper class Patrol Cutter
 Hunter class Frigate
IJN Fleet    Warrior class Battle Corvette
 Shogun class Command DN 97mm
 Akagi class Supercarrier 89mm Out Rim Coalition Fleet
 Musashi class Super Battleship 95mm  Ogre class Battleship 72mm
 Hiryu class Light Carrier 75mm  Troll class Heavy Cruiser 54mm
 Yamato class Battleship 74mm  Fomor class Heavy Cruiser 53mm
 Kesshi class Battlecruiser 68mm  Bugbear class Heavy Cruiser 44mm
 Samurai class Heavy Cruiser 50mm  Gargoyle class Light Cruiser 36mm
 Ronin class Patrol Cruiser 45mm  Goblin class Destroyer 27mm
 Arashi class Light Cruiser 41mm  Gremlin class Frigate 20mm
 Soyokaze class Destroyer 37mm
 Shoya class Sensor Picket 28mm
 Ashigaru class Patrol Frigate 26mm
 Bakemono class Strike Corvette 19mm


Galactic Knights - Large Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Terran Transolar Federation Navy Entomalian Imperial Fleet
 Victory class Super Galactic DN 153mm  Swarm class Super Galactic DN  144mm
 Valiant class Galactic Dreadnought 107mm  Mantis class Dreadnought 112mm
 Invincible class Dreadnought 103mm  Hive class Carrier 96mm
 Constellation class Carrier 95mm  Scorpion class Battlecruiser 86mm
 Formidable class Battlecruiser 91mm  Roach class Battlecruiser 84mm
 Ranger class Cruiser 68mm  Hornet class Cruiser 57mm
 Samurai class Destroyer Leader 70mm  Mandible class Destroyer Leader 45mm
 Swiftsure class Destroyer 52mm   Wasp class Destroyer 43mm


Galactic: Conflict in the Stars - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Ala-Skan Commonwealth Fleet Deutsches Sternin-Reich Fleet
Audacious Battler  30mm Tir Battler 32mm
Contention Battler-L  25mm Thunor Battler-L  25mm
Exceed Cruiser-S 21mm Agil Cruiser-S  18mm
Resolute FR 19mm Woden SCU-GN 12mm
Wrath Carrier-S  24mm Earendel SCU 11mm
Typhoon SCU-H 11mm
United Worlds Protectorate Fleet
Hargonne Fleet Constitution Battler  32mm
Sogna Battler 38mm Constellation Battler-L  28mm
Sogzu Cruiser-A 25mm Olympia Cruiser-L  15mm
Sogze Cruiser-S  20mm Province Carrier-L  15mm
Drazah SCU-GN  12mm Corsair SCU-AF/CD  10mm
Drahzil SCU-AF  9mm Mustang SCU-AF/CD  12mm


Iron Stars - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Royal Navy Ether Squadron K.U.K. Sternmarine
 Bantam class Battleship 75mm  Ersatz Monarch class Battleship 83mm
 Haemonculous class Light Cruiser 57mm  Janos Hunyadi class Heavy Cruiser 70mm
 Tycho class Light Cruiser 46mm  Vadasz class Destroyer 35mm
 Gamma class Destroyer


Lightning Strike - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Jovian Confederation Fleet CEGE Fleet
 Godsfire class Supercarrier 85mm  Poseidon class Battleship 65mm
 Valiant class Strike Carrier 67mm  Tengu class Escort Carrier 50mm
 Athena class Destroyer 59mm  Hachiman class Destroyer 40mm
 Thunderbolt class Cruiser 50mm  Bricriu class Corvette 40mm
 Javelin class Missile Cruiser 45mm  Uller class Missile Cruiser 37mm


Noble Armada - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Decados Fleet Hawkwood Fleet
 Anikrunta class Dreadnought 101mm
 Grigori class Cruiser (vertical) 39mm (60mm)
 Tupok'Ta class Destroyer 44mm
 Defiler class Assault Transport 43mm
 Lucretzia class Galliot 26mm
 Mantis class Frigate 26mm
 Reaper class Raider 21mm


Power Projection (Traveller) - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Zhodani Fleet Imperial Fleet
 Viepchakle class Battleship 68mm  Plankwell class Battleship 77mm
 Khevchenzh class Battlecruiser 50mm  Azhanti High Lightning class Cruiser 55mm
 Zhdaviditz class Light Cruiser 37mm  Gionetti class Light Cruiser 39mm
 Zhadiak class Escort 28mm  Fer de Lance class DE 15mm
 Chrysanthemum class DE 19mm


Reviresco - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Federation Alexander the Great 95mm Ralnai Dreadnought 86mm
Federation Battle Cruiser 68mm Ralnai Battle Cruiser 53mm
Federation Heavy Cruiser 56mm Ralnai Heavy Cruiser 53mm
Federation Light Cruiser 50mm Ralnie Light Cruiser 45mm
Federation Frigate 40mm Ralnai Frigate 38mm
Federation Destroyer 38mm Ralnai Scout 17mm
Federation Scout 15mm


Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (Honor Harrington) - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length


Space Dreadnought 3000 - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Earth Empire Fleet Altaran Fleet
 Fighter Baseship 88mm  Fighter Baseship 80mm
 Super Dreadnought 64mm  Super Dreadnought 60mm
 Dreadnought 60mm  Dreadnought 55mm
 Battle Cruiser 55mm  Battle Cruiser 52mm
 Cruiser 50mm  Cruiser 45mm
 Destroyer 43mm  Destroyer 36mm
 Patrol Ship 30mm  Patrol Ship 22mm


Squadron Strike - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Japanese Fleet
 Nagato Class Carrier 66mm
 Yamato Class Battleship 55mm
 Ryuojo Class Heavy Cruiser 39mm
 Takeo Class Light Cruiser 37mm
 Matsu Class Destroyer 28mm
 Fubuki Class Corvette 25mm


Starfire - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Terran Federation Navy Gorm Space Navy
 TFN Superdreadnought 67mm  GSN Superdreadnought 74mm
 TFN Battleship 43mm  GSN Battleship 72mm
 TFN Battlecruiser 65mm  GSN Battlecruiser 71mm
 TFN Cruiser 59mm  GSN Cruiser 56mm
 TFN Light Cruiser 45mm  GSN Light Cruiser 47mm
 TFN Destroyer 13mm  GSN Destroyer 39mm
 TFN Frigate 11mm
 TFN Corvette 10mm Khanate of Orion Navy  
 TFN Escort 9mm  KON Monitor 78mm
 TFN Essex CV 66mm  KON Superdreadnought 107mm
 TFN Wolfhound CV 68mm  KON Battleship 80mm
 TFN Wolfhound Refit-B CV  70mm  KON Battlecruiser 58mm
 TFN Independance CVL 52mm  KON Cruiser 52mm
 TFN Pegasus CVL 52mm  KON Light Cruiser 48mm
 TFN Sandfly CVE 13mm  KON Destroyer 42mm
     KON Frigate 32mm
All    KON Corvette 22mm
 Freighter Type 0 21mm  KON Escort 22mm
 Freighter Type 1 25mm  KON Prokalhon BCV  58mm
 Freighter Type 2 29mm  KON Carrier  78mm
 Freighter Type 3 40mm    
 Freighter Type 5 42mm Rigellian Protectorate Space Navy  
 Freighter Type 6 58mm  RPSA Battlecruiser 68mm
 Freighter Type 7 68mm  RPSA CommandcCruiser 62mm
     RPSA Cruiser 62mm
     RPSA Light Cruiser 55mm
     RPSA Destroyer 37mm
     RPSA Destroyer ISW-3 Refit 37mm
     RPSA Tambacounda CV 74mm
     RPSA Tambacounda Refit CV  74mm
     RPSA Light Carrier  54mm


Star Blazer Fleet Battle System - Fleet Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Earth Defense Fleet Gamilon Fleet
 Space Battleship Yamato 60mm  Fleet Battleship 64mm
 SBB Andromeda I 60mm  Type S Battleship 57mm
 SBB Andromeda II 86mm  Battle Carrier 60mm
 Standard Battleship 56mm  Desslock Command Ship I 44mm
 Battlecarrier 57mm  Desslock Command Ship II 51mm
 Battlecruiser 40mm  Tri-Deck Carrier 40mm
 Patrol Cruiser 29mm  Destroyer 17mm
 Frigate 24mm  Improved Destroyer 29mm
 Destroyer 24mm  Smite Ship 19mm


Studio Bergstrom - Fleet/Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Hive Empire Fleet Future Frontier Terran Fleet
Queen of Milenia class Mothership 80 mm long, 110 mm wide Super Dreadnought 84mm
Irresistible Sword class Dreadnought 78 mm Battleship 70mm
Sword of Retribution class Battleship 39 mm Cruiser 54mm
Hornet class Light Cruiser 25 mm Plasma Destroyer 49mm
Virus class Corvette 27 mm Missile Boat 37mm
Future Frontier ORCDeF Fleet
Carrier 89mm
Battleship 76mm
Cruiser 70mm
Destroyer 60mm
Frigate 57mm
PT Boat 48mm


Valiant Enterprises Stardate: 3000 - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Federation Fleet Alien Fleet
"Cepheus" Class Attack Carrier 133mm "Regulus" Class Attack Carrier 160mm
"Casseopeia" Class Escort Carrier 81mm "Eltanin" Class Escort Carrier 96mm
"Orion" Class Heavy Cruiser 82mm "Merak" Class Heavy Battle Cruiser 86mm
"Perseus" Class Cruiser 67mm "Mirazh" Class Battle Cruiser 80mm
"Aries" Class Escort Cruiser 53mm "Phardos" Class Escort Cruiser 70mm
"Draco" Class Destroyer 57mm "Sadr" Class Destroyer 69mm
"Scorpius" Class Hyperspace Submarine 52mm "Antares" Class Hyperspace Submarine 52mm
"Pegasus" Class Hyperspace Submarine 46mm "Sirius" Class Hyperspace Submarine 52mm
"Phantom" VB Assault Ship 28mm "Vampire" Interceptor 28mm
"Vigilante" IIIC Interceptor 24mm "Banshee" Scout 19mm
"Intruder" IID Scout 19mm


VBAM Miniatures - Fleet Scale

Since this line does not have any miniatures larger than 77mm they can be considered Fleet scale, but if you follow the class guidelines, they do match with Squadron scale ships of the same class.

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Carin Carrier 52mm Vipindra Heavy Cruiser 59mm
Kolanis Cruiser 65mm Nirte Cruiser 53mm
Tratha Light Cruiser 49mm Solna Light Cruiser 43mm
Ilustris Heavy Destoyer 52mm Karaut Stealth Destroyer 41mm
Toltara Desroyer 42mm Araunax Attack Frigate 21mm
Moshesta Frigate 25mm Skonna Corvette 29mm
Olcata Frigate 23mm Toglaka Corvette 15mm
Xandar Lander Frigate 27mm
Yollana Escort Frigate 21mm


Voidstriker - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Jovian Europa Command Carrier 55mm TDF Beijing Rising class Battleship 60mm
Jovian Calisto Heavy Carrier 75mm TDF Jing Ti-class Command Cruiser 52mm
Jovian Lanze Strike Carrier 54mm TDF Ned Kelly class CVA 40mm
Jovian Pangolin Light Carrier 47mm TDF Nazcas class Cruiser 46mm
Jovian Schild Escort Cruiser 47mm TDF Shenzhen class Destroyer 32mm
Jovian Garon Escort 29mm
Mavridean Ularens Dreadnought 78mm Mavridean Imoran Heavy Cruiser 61mm


War Rocket - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Galacteer class 4 Imperial class 4
Galacteer class 3 Imperial class 3
Galacteer class 2 53mm Imperial class 2
Galacteer class 1 30mm Imperial class 1


With Hostile Intent - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Kikoku Fleet Jun-ila Fleet
 Tipaka Battleship 102mm  Oahhano Battleship 92mm
 Kito Kapak Carrier 89mm  Dalasin Carrier 73mm
 Kotaku Battlecruiser 70mm  Miliam Cruiser 70mn
 Tiko Destroyer 68mm  Naniamo Destroyer 64mm
 Kapuki Frigate 54mm  Huala Frigate 51mm
 Tak Kuta Corvette 38mm  Hamuiya Corvette 38mm


Zandris IV Miniatures - Squadron Scale

Miniature Length Miniature Length
Harmony class Superdreadnought 120mm Negotiator class Heavy Destroyer 45mm
Embassy class Assault Carrier 75mm Conractor class Missile Cruiser 25mm
Diplomat class Heavy Cruiser 65mm Mercenary class Assault Frigate 28mm
Emissary class Assault Cruiser 50mm Thug class Missile Frigate 22mm
Edict class Beam Cruiser 50mm