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From Morpheus1975


These are the playtest files for the game Stellar Empires: Fleet currently in development.  Comments can be sent to 


"Welcome to the Stellar Empires game system. This game has been designed and created to provide you, the player, with the most all-inclusive starship combat game ever produced. The game includes a powerful construction system that allows you to design your own weapons and the ships to bring to them to bear."


5/8/2008 - Lots of updates and new stuff.  Battlestar Galactica conversions are in the works along with Star Trek and Star Wars conversions.

Demo Rules


Updated B5 ship control sheets

Centauri Altarian Destroyer

Centauri Centurian Attack Cruiser

Centauri Primus Battlecruiser

Centauri Secondus Assault Cruiser

Centauri Vorchan Attack Frigate

EA Artemis Escort Frigate (Early)

EA Artemis Frigate (Early)

EA Avenger Carrier (Early)

EA Cronos Attack Frigate (Late)

EA Delphi Scout (Late)

EA Hermes Transport (Early)

EA Hermes Transport II

EA Hyperion Cruiser (Early)

EA Hyperion Rail Cruiser

EA Hyperion Torpedo Cruiser

EA Midwinter (Early)

EA Midwinter II

EA Nova Battlecruiser

EA Nova Warcruiser

EA Olympus Corvette (Early)

EA Olympus Gunship (Early)

EA Omega Destroyer

EA Omega Pulse Destroyer

EA Oracle Scout (Early)

EA Oracle Scout

EA Poseidon

EA Warlock Destroyer

Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser

Minbari Tinashi Cruiser

Minbari Whitestar

Narn G'Quan Warcruiser

Narn Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer

Narn Rongoth Destroyer

Narn Thentus Frigate


10/22/2006 - The following files are available for downloading and review.  Please give feedback to the email address listed above.  All documents are pdf files.


Basic Rules

Fighter Stats


B5 ship control sheets:

Centauri Primus

Centauri Vorchan

Centauri Centurian

EA Artemis

EA Omega

EA Hyperion

Minbari Sharlin

Minbari Tinashi

Narn G'Quan

Narn Ka'Toc

Narn Thentus