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From Ad Astra Games


"Space Combat in the Universe of Honor Harrington!"

Saganami Island Tactical Simulator uses the critically acclaimed Attack Vector: Tactical game engine to put you in command of the ships of the Honorverse. Thrill to the long range missile duel, dancing in 3-D vector space with broadsides of laser heads. Or close in to "kissing distance" and unleash the titanic fury of grasers and lasers! An innovative card draw mechanic incorporates "The Honor Factor" without turning the game engine into a series of special cases modifying special cases.

Extensively researched, SITS has new material on the ships and doctrines of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the People's Republic Navy. Building rich tactical depth from easy-to-use Newtonian movement, SITS builds on the novels to give you control of small squadron actions in the Honorverse.

SITS uses two game scales - the tactical game scale has 7.5 minute turns, and 125,000 km hexes. The system scale uses 25 light second hexes and 1 hour turns, with simple rules for transitioning between scales.

Every warship in the series will be statted out over the course of this product, including additional ships approved by David Weber himself.

* SITS offers tactical control without massive record keeping - watch salvoes of hundreds of missiles melt away with a handful of die rolls.
* Simultaneous Sequence of Play means that everyone at the table is doing something, rather than waiting for the other guy to finish their turn.
* Accurate, intuitive 3-D movement system, allowing combat to break the plane of the map, and giving unprecedented tactical depth. "

4/20/2010 - Ship Book 3: The Short Victorious War has been released.  Ship Book 3 brings the dreadnoughts and superdreadnoughts of the Honorverse to your gaming table, with full class history write-ups, game stats and a range of scenarios covering the opening phases of the Havenite-Manticore war.


5/22/2007 - Now available for pre-order is a SITS 2.0 Upgrade package:

Working with David Weber, we've worked to enhance the damage allocation model of SITS, cleaned up the movement engine and streamlined overall game play. Games now run almost twice as fast as they did before, by eliminating segmented movement, streamlined damage allocation, and reduced record keeping.

This upgrade package is a PRE ORDER. It will include a replacement rulebook, and replacement ship books for Ship Book 1 (in the core boxed set) and Ship Book 2 (Silesia). It also replaces all the laminated play aid cards. Ship Book 3 (with the DNs and SDs) will only be released in the SITS 2.0 format.

The massive SD and DN minis are now available and can be purchased singly from the Ad Astra webstore in the Web Shop Only section, plus you can get 'Wall of Battle' packs that include 8 minis of the same type.


2/1/2007 - Silver masters are back for the Havenite SD and DN miniatures.  These massive minis come in 3 parts and are shown next to some other minis and a US quarter for scale.  The could be available by the end of February.

Also now available is the Jayne's Intelligence Review: The Havenite Republican Navy.


11/14/2006 - The Silesian Fleet Box 1 is now available and the Andermani Fleet Box 1 will be in stock any day now.  Clear plastic flight boxes that should work with the tilt blocks are in the works and pre-orders are needed to get them made.  More info on the flight boxes is on the Ad Astra Forum.  

Silesian silver prototypes.

18 more 1:12,000 scale minis of the Honorverse, focusing on the Silesian Navy and the pirates that both prey and augment them in time of need!The Fleet Box includes:

1 Medium Merchant 1 Silesia Battle Cruiser 2 Jarmon 2 Telmach 4 Wroclaw 4 Cheslav 4 Gryf

Andermani silver prototypes.

16 more 1:12,000 scale minis of the Honorverse, focusing on the Imperial Andermani Navy’s cruiser assets set to patrolling in Silesia!

In addition, Ad Astra Games has the first book in their Jayne's Intelligence Review series at the printer and covers The Royal Manticoran Navy:

This soft cover coffee table book has information on the Royal Manticoran Navy from David Weber's Honor Harrington universe, ranging from the founding and battle histories to detailed class histories and size comparison charts of the ships, to layouts of the pinnaces and rank insignia! Much of this material has never been published elsewhere, and this book is an official concordance of data on the Manticoran Navy, with material written by David Weber himself! With 20 full color pages of interior art!

Plus Ad Astra has some specials going on this holiday season to save gamers money.  Go here for more information.


8/7/2006 - Ship Book 2: The Silesian Confederacy is now in production and will be available at GenCon.

Silesia, a wretched mishmash of corrupt governments, star-navies for hire, piracy and trade opportunities. Long fallen from its heights as an enlightened confederation of planetary governments, Silesia is the proving ground that the Andermani Empire and the Star Kingdom of Manticore send their newly minted officers and crews to patrol.

Ship Book 2 explores the history of Silesia, the customs and uniforms of the Imperial Andermani Navy and Confederacy Navy, while providing pirate hunting scenarios, a sampling of Silesian, Andermani and Pirate ships and the small modular merchant.

This product includes a ship book, a 48 page scenario and background book, plus 40 full color HoloCube™ miniatures 


7/23/2006 - July has a few new releases for the Honorverse from Ad Astra Games and they have a new ordering system on their website.  The 15 month 2006/2007 Honorverse "Ships of the Fleet" Calendar is now available.  Plus 2 new 'Battle Packs' of miniatures are now available.  Each 'Battle Pack' includes the miniatures you need to re-fight one or more of the famous battles from the book series.  Available are the On Basilisk Station Battle Pack which includes 1 Astra-Class Armed Merchant Cruiser (PRS Sirius) and 1 Courageous-Class Light Cruiser (HMS Fearless).  The Honor of the Queen Battle Pack includes the 1 Sultan-Class Battle Cruiser (EMS Thunder of God), 1 Star Knight-Class Heavy Cruiser (HMS Fearless), and 1 Chanson-Class Destroyer (HMS Troubador).

More miniatures including more Andermani and Silesian ships are due out later this year along with Ship books that cover those miniatures.


1/2/2006 - I missed announcing the actual release of these products in early December so just to make sure it is noted, Saganami Island Tactical Simulator is now available along with the Manticoran and Havanite Fleet Boxes of miniatures.

The Manticoran Fleet Box

The Havanite Fleet Box

The Honorverse minis inked and with some other minis for scale (photo courtesy Tom Pope)


SITS miniatures master castsings9/10/2005 - An early release version of SITS was available at GenCon, it sold out quickly, more copies were printed and those too sold out.  Because these were not the final versions, those who bought this special edition are encouraged to contact Ad Astra with any problems or typos they find so the final edition can be corrected.  They will also get corrected books once the game goes into full release.

Also another bit of news from Tom Pope, co-author of SITS:

I've just gotten some photos of the masters for the first set of  miniatures for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.

These are the silver castings direct from the "printer." From here they will be used to make the production masters, which will in turn be used to make the production molds. The scale has been changed to 1:12000, making the largest ship just a hair over 100mm in length and the smallest just a hair under 30mm.

As soon as we have solid dates on when the the final production will begin, I'll post them here.

In addition, with the final files of the game being sent to the printer, we're starting to plan the first expansion, which will include an additional 16 ship designs (including holocube counters and miniatures), new rules and new background material.

Here is an updated table on the size of the minis using the new scale

1:12,000 scale



Length Beam Depth Length Width Height
RMN Falcon DD 70,000 tons 352 m 42 m 25 m 29.3 mm 3.5 mm 2.1 mm
RMN Chanson DD 78,000 tons 365 m 43 m 25 m 30.4 mm 3.6 mm 2.1 mm
PN Bastogne DD 88,000 tons 380 m 47 m 27 m 31.7 mm 3.9 mm 2.3 mm
RMN Courageous CL 88,000 tons 386 m 40 m 31 m 32.2 mm 3.3 mm 2.6 mm
PN Brilliance CL 120,000 tons 428 m 47 m 30 m 35.7 mm 3.9 mm 2.5 mm
RMN Apollo CL 125,000 tons 434 m 48 m 30 m 36.2 mm 4.0 mm 2.5 mm
PN Conqueror CL 145,000 tons 456 m 50 m 32 m 38.0 mm 4.2 mm 2.7 mm
RMN Prince Consort CA 260,000 tons 497 m 60 m 50 m 41.4 mm 5.0 mm 4.2 mm
RMN Crusader CA 260,000 tons 497 m 60 m 50 m 41.4 mm 5.0 mm 4.2 mm
PN Sword CA 290,000 tons 515 m 62 m 52 m 42.9 mm 5.2 mm 4.3 mm
RMN Star Knight CA 300,000 tons 520 m 62 m 52 m 43.3 mm 5.2 mm 4.3 mm
PN Mars-B CA 475,000 tons 607 m 73 m 61 m 50.6 mm 6.1 mm 5.1 mm
PN Sultan BC 858,000 tons 706 m 90 m 80 m 58.8 mm 7.5 mm 6.7 mm
RMN Reliant BC 879,000 tons 714 m 91 m 81 m 59.5 mm 7.6 mm 6.8 mm
Merchant, Med


1108 m 183 m 177 m 92.3 mm 15.2 mm 14.8 mm
PN Astra AMC 7,600,000 tons 1231 m 203 m 197 m 102.6 mm 16.9 mm 16.4 mm


6/19/2005 - A bit of interesting news from Ken Burnside of Ad Astra:

SITS will have the At All Costs bookseller's promotional CD included - this means it will have roughly the first dozen chapters of the next Honor Harrington novel 3 months before the hardcover hits the street (November 2005).

Oh, and it will also have a pretty cool game in the box. *grin*

The other contents of the SITS box are:

- Baen Books Honorverse CD-ROM with the entire series
- One 80-page rulebook
- One 48-page scenario and background book
- One 32-page ship book
- 40 full color HoloCube™ miniatures
- 8 laminated ship control cards
- 16 injection molded plastic tilt blocks
- 100 injection molded stacking tiles
- 2 2' by 3' geomorphic hex maps


5/19/2005 - Ad Astra is now taking pre-orders on Saganami Island Tactical Simulator and an Honorverse 15 month "Ships of the Fleet" Calendar, which are scheduled for a release at GenCon this August.  Also available for preorder are the Manticoran Fleet box of miniatures and the Havanite Fleet box, both due for release in September/October.

The Honorverse 15 month "Ships of the Fleet" Calendar shows the Terrestrial Standard date in conventional format along with associated dates in the Honorverse universe, and runs from September 2005 to December 2006.

Each Fleet Box contains over a dozen miniatures for the 1900-1903 PD period of the Honorverse.  These 1:15,000 scale, non-toxic white metal miniatures are fully detailed, use the conventional mounting points for spaceship miniatures, and come unpainted. (NOTE: This change in scale from the 1/18500 makes the miniatures a bit larger than what is listed below - Star Ranger)

Manticoran Fleet Box I Contents: 1 Reliant BC (HMS Nike), 1 Star Knight CA (HMS Fearless II), 1 Prince Consort CA, 2 Crusader CAs, 2 Apollo CLs, 1 Courageous Class CL (HMS Fearless I), 3 Chanson DDs, 3 Falcon DDs, and 1 Large Merchant.

Havenite Fleet Box I Contents: 1 Sultan BC (PNS Saladin), 1 Sword CA, 2 Mars-B CAs, 2 Crusader CAs, 2 Brilliance CLs, 2 Conquerer CLs, 4 Bastogne DDs, 1 Medium Merchant, and 1 Astra Class Armed Merchant Cruiser (PNS Sirius).


2/15/2005 - Ken Burnside of Ad Astra sends the following information:

The solid model render of the Reliant BC goes to the prototyper today or tomorrow - it's done from the renders in the zip file below. The wireframe is from the solid modeller, the two textured ones are from our production artist, Charles Oines.

All the minis will have "bottom mount" holes; we'll be getting clear plastic boxes with flight pegs in them for use in 3-D - but as is, they'll work with all standard minis bases.

All the Honorverse miniatures are done to a consistent 1:18500 scale. We got permission from David Weber to fix a bad math error made early in the series and reconcile the ship dimensions and masses - at 3.2 km and 8.5 million tons, his superdreadnoughts had a density of roughly 0.002; we assigned a standard density of 0.25, and resized them to match their masses with David's approval (future reprints of the series will use our dimensions and include a fronts-piece.)

We won't have pricing for minis until we know how they come off the prototyper, and make sure they come off the master mold making process in one piece - when I have that pricing info, I'll pass it on.

Right now, it looks like we'll release two fleet boxes into distribution and keep the singletons as mail order only items, to avoid overloading the channel with SKUs.

RMN Reliant BC master model

Solid model render of RMN Reliant class BC

RMN Reliant BC and PN Sultan BC

RMN Reliant BC and PN Sultan BC

RMN ships, Chanson DD, Star Knight CA and Reliant BC

RMN Chanson DD, RMN Star Knight CA and RMN Reliant BC


12/10/2004 - A web page for SITS has now been created and here is what it has to say about this game:

Saganami Island Tactical Simulator uses the critically acclaimed Attack Vector: Tactical Game Engine to put YOU in command of the ships of the Honorverse. Thrill to the long range missile duel, dancing in 3-D vector space, unleashing the fury of laser heads. Or close in to "kissing distance" and unlease the titanic fury of grasers and lasers! Extensively researched, SITS has new material on the ships and doctrines of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the People's Republic Navy that have never been published before. Mixing rich tactical depth with easy to use Newtonian movement, SITS builds on the novels details to set the tactical parameters for the Honorverse combat

Fully 3-dimensional, SITS has two game scales - the tactical game scale has 12 minute turns, and 1 light second hexes. The system scale has 25 light second hexes, and 1 hour turns, making the pursuit to the hyper limit a challenging tactical puzzle. Every warship in the series will be statted out over the release schedule of this product line, as well as additional ships approved by David Weber himself. Innovative rules allow you to incorporate "The Honor Factor" without unduly distorting the tactical game engine.

* SITS offers complete tactical control. You are in command of a hundred-thousand ton cruiser plying the pitiless depths of space.
* Fast, simple and highly accurate Newtonian movement rules. Turns take 10 to 20 minutes, a typical game runs 3 to 10 turns.
* Accurate, intuitive 3-D movement system, allowing combat to break the plane of the map, and giving unprecedented tactical depth.

Ken has also mentioned that a related game, Saganami Island Fleet Training, is also in development and would be released sometime after SITSSIFT would probably debut the Attack Vector: Fleet game engine


5/10/2004 - Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games announces:

"Ad Astra Games LLC and Echo Valley Productions have reached an agreement in principle to produce a line of games based on the New York Times bestselling Honor Harrington series.
The first game in the line will be
Saganami Island Tactical Simulator, an adaptation of the groundbreaking Attack Vector: Tactical game engine to the Honorverse.
We expect to be shipping it in 2005, boxed game, price TBD."