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8/25/2005 - GZG just keeps pumping out new minis...

(All sculpting and ship designs by Jon Tuffley unless otherwise credited)


All prices shown are in GB Pounds.

IMPORTANT NOTE! There is still time to get orders in for our August Sale discount offers! See our webstore at for full details - offer closes on Wednesday 31st August!

FT138 - New NAC CH

New Anglian Confederation (NAC) fleet:
FT138 New NAC Heavy Cruiser 3.00 GBP each

FT 1201 - Outrim Coalition Fighters

Outrim Coalition (ORC) fleet:
FT 1201 Outrim Coalition (ORC) Fighter (sculpted by Oerjan Ariander) 1.00 for 6

Sa'Vasku fleet:
(Sculpted by Dave Garnham, creator of the original S'V minis range)
FT 725 New S'V "Destroyer" 2.50 for 2
FT 726 New S'V "Light Cruiser" 2.00 each
FT 727 New S'V "Attack Cruiser" 2.50 each
FT 732 New S'V "Superdreadnought" 10.00 each

FT 725 - New SV DD

FT 725 - New S'V Destroyer

FT 726 - New SV CL

FT 726 - New S'V Light Cruiser

FT 727 - New SV CA

FT 727 - New S'V Attack Cruiser

FT 732 - New SV SDN

FT 732 - New S'V SDN


New Merchants, Freighters etc:

FT 331 Insystem Cargo Hauler ("tractor unit" plus 15-pod container train) 3.00 each
FT 331A Tractor unit only (with stand) - makes a good yard tug! 1.00 each
FT 331B Container train only (may be used to extend 331) 2.50 each
FT 332 Modular Heavy Freighter with 3 x Tanker Modules 6.00 each
FT 332A Tanker module only 1.50 each
FT 333 Modular Heavy Freighter with 3 x Cargo Box Modules 6.00 each
FT 333A Cargo Box module only 1.50 each
FT 334 Modular Heavy Freighter bridge unit only 1.50 each
FT 335 Modular Heavy Freighter drive unit only 1.50 each
FT 336 Princess class Passenger Starliner 5.00 each

FT 331 - Insystem Tractor and Train

FT 331 - Insystem Tractor and Train

FT 331A - Tractor

FT 331A - Tractor

FT 332 - Modular Heavy Freighter w/Tanker Modules

FT 332 - Modular Heavy Freighter w/Tanker Modules

FT 333 - Modular Heavy Frieghter w/Cargo Modules

FT 333 - Modular Heavy Frieghter w/Cargo Modules

FT 336 - Princess class Starliner

FT 336 - Princess class Starliner

All parts of the new 332/333 modular freighters, plus those of the 331 hauler, use the same system of locating pegs as used on all our UNSC ship range and several other parts of the newer FT fleets - this means that you can mix-and-match parts across different fleets in many cases, giving your merchants even more variety or making auxiliary vessels for your military forces (for example, the 332A and 333A new cargo modules will fit the drive and command sections of the FT1116 UNSC fleet tender, and conversely the modules from the FT 1116 may be used with the new FT 334/335 freighter sections. The cargo pod "train" from FT331 may also be fitted with a suitable "bridge" and drive unit to make an excellent longhaul container ship; the possibilities are endless!).


New Modular Space Station System:

A system of linking components for making up small space installations, great for scientific outposts, research stations, small space factories etc. More sections to come soon, including weapon and sensor modules for defensive installations, command modules, extension links and other specialized bits.
The connectors between the modules are the same as for the new merchant range above, so again you can mix and match parts as you wish!

FT362 - Workshack small Space StationFT 361 Basic "workshack" small station kit (1 x power module, 1 x docking module, 1 x storage tank module, 2 x GP modules,1 x junction module with stand) 5.00 complete 

FT 362 General Purpose (GP) module - accommodation, lab etc. 1.00 each
FT 363 Power module with reactor and backup solar panels 1.50 each
FT 364 Storage module (3 tanks) 1.00 each
FT 365 Docking module 1.00 each
FT 366 Junction connector module with stand (metal post) 1.00 each
FT 366A Junction connector modules (2), no stands 1.00 for 2.

Watch out for more space installation components soon!


6/29/2005 - More new Full Thrust miniatures for the ESU, NAC and Oceanic Union (OU) fleets are now in full production and ready for sale:

The last few classes to complete the "ALL-NEW" ESU fleet designs:

FT 252 ESU Strikeboat (pack of 3) 1.50 GBP

FT 255 ESU Heavy Destroyer (DDH) (pack of 2) 3.00 GBP

FT 243 ESU Light Carrier (CVL) 8.00 GBP

FT 245 ESU Escort Carrier (CVE) 4.00 GBP

And of course an introductory pack for them (for a LIMITED TIME ONLY):

NEW ESU Light Carrier Taskforce: contains 1 x NEW CVL, 2 x NEW CVE, 8 x assorted fighter groups (with stands), 2 x NEW DDH, 3 x NEW STRIKEBOATS. Total retail value 32.50 GBP, pack price just 25.00 GBP! 

Code: ESU CVL TF Price: 25.00 GBP

FT252 New ESU Strikeboat

FT252 New ESU Strikeboat


FT255 New ESU Heavy Destroyer


FT245 New ESU Escort Carrier


FT243 New ESU Light Carrier

PLUS.... the first of the NEW designs for the NAC...!

FT133 New NAC Corvette (CT) (pack of 3) 2.00 GBP

FT136 New NAC Light Cruiser (CL) 2.00 GBP

More NEW designs for the NAC coming very soon.

And even more....

Sculpted by Oerjan Ariander, the first two CAPITAL SHIPS for the OUDF forces!

FT909 OUDF Battlecruiser 4.00 GBP

FT910 OUDF Battleship 5.00 GBP

FT133 New NAC Corvette

FT133 New NAC Corvette

FT136 New NAC CL

FT136 New NAC Light Cruiser

FT909 OUDF Battlecruiser

FT909 OUDF Battlecruiser

FT910 OUDF Battleship

FT910 OUDF Battleship

Also now available from GZG are starship decals created buy Decals Express.  Packs available are flags for all of the major powers (can be used on the miniature itself or on the base) and Starship ID codes.


6/17/2005 - More new ESU ship miniatures are available from GZG (now with pictures):

FT237   New Escort Cruiser 2.50 GBP each
FT239   New Battlecruiser 4.00 GBP each
FT240   New Battleship 5.00 GBP each
FT241   New Battledreadnought 7.00 GBP each

Still in the works are a Strikeboat, CVE, and CVL

Plus a special intro offer for a limited time, to give you some of all the newest ships to add to your ESU fleet....

New ESU ships HEAVY SQUADRON, consists of: 2 x FT235 new DD*, 2 x FT237 new CE, 2 x FT239 new BC, 2 x FT240 new BB, 1 x FT241 new BDN.
* New DD as released in first batch of new ESU ships. Heavy Squadron pack value 32.50 GBP at full retail - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACK PRICE JUST 25.00 GBP!

Second Wave of new ESU Minatures

FT239 (BC), FT237 (CE), FT240 (BB), FT241 (BDN)

FT 237 New ESU Escort Cruiser

FT237 New ESU Escort Cruiser

FT239 New ESU Battlecruiser

FT239 New ESU Battlecruiser

FT240 New ESU Battleship

FT240 New ESU Battleship

FT241 New ESU Battledreadnought

FT241 New ESU Battledreadnought


5/24/2005 - The Full Thrust 2nd Edition rulebook and both Fleet Books 1 and 2 are now available as FREE PDF downloads from the GZG website. More Thrust has been available as a free PDF for a while so now the whole set of Full Thrust rules are available for free.

Plus they now have a new mid-sized fleet starter pack available plus additional specials through June 12th.  The following was send out by Jon Tuffley:

The FULL THRUST Rulebook (2nd Edition), FLEET BOOK 1 (Major Human Powers) and FLEET BOOK 2 (Xeno Files - Alien forces) and now ALL available online as FREE pdf downloads from our website - go to and look for the "downloads" page!

Fleet Book 2 has been out of print for some months now, and stocks of the printed versions of Fleet Book 1 and the Full Thrust rulebook are now running very low (some ARE still available for purchase if you want original hard copies, but get them soon - there are very few left, and once they are gone, they are gone!).

As we are working on a new 3rd edition of the game, we've decided it is not viable to re-print the original 2nd edition books, so we are making them available in pdf form at no charge; our hope is that while you are on our site to download the rules, you'll take a look at the huge ranges of FT ships and other miniatures that we have to offer, and buy some!

[Notes to customers: Please feel free to post links to the pdf copies wherever you like, but please do NOT post actual copies of the files themselves to other websites - we are happy that anyone can come to our site and freely download the files for their own use, but in return we do want people to actually visit the store site and hopefully be tempted to buy some stuff at the same time!]

NEW Full Thrust Starter Fleet Packs:

Each pack contains enough ships to give you a good-sized starter fleet for your chosen force:
1 x BATTLEDREADNOUGHT (BDN), 1 x BATTLESHIP (BB), 2 x HEAVY CRUISERS (CH), 2 x LIGHT CRUISERS (CL), 4 x DESTROYERS (DD), 4 x FRIGATES (FF) and 3 x CORVETTES (CT) - that's a total of 17 ships, worth around 30 GBP at regular prices - all for just 25 GBP!

Pack code: FT New Starter Fleet Price: 25.00 GBP

Fleet options: choose any fleet from: NAC, ESU (original), ESU (new style*), FSE, NSL, Kra'Vak, Sa'Vasku, Phalon, UNSC, Islamic, Japanese, New Israeli, OUDF, ORC

* New Style ESU pack may still contain some "original" style ESU classes to fill out fleet roster where new designs are not yet in production, but new style ships will be supplied wherever available.

[Please note: in certain forces some ship class substitutions may be made where specific classes are not available in that range; in all such cases the overall value of miniatures supplied will be equal to or greater than the "normal" pack composition.]

PLUS. Save even any TWO of the new Starter Fleet packs together and get them for just 45 GBP for the two!

Pack code: FT New Starter Fleet DOUBLE DEAL Price: 45.00 GBP

Fleet options: choose any TWO from: NAC, ESU (original), ESU (new style*), FSE, NSL, Kra'Vak, Sa'Vasku, Phalon, UNSC, Islamic, Japanese, New Israeli, OUDF, ORC

[The above packs (including the 2-for-45GBP offer) are all "long term" offers - they will be available until further notice, and are not part of the limited time Spring offer deals.]

You can see the Late Spring Specials here.


4/17/2005 - GZG will be releasing some new ship ESU ship miniatures at Salute on the 23rd with more classes to follow after that. Click the pictures for larger versions

FT 232    New Scoutship (pack of 3) 1.50 GBP
FT 233    New Corvette (pack of 3) 2.00 GBP
FT 234    New Frigate (pack of 2) 2.00 GBP
FT 235    New Destroyer (pack of 2) 2.50 GBP
FT 236    New Light Cruiser 2.00 GBP
FT 238    New Heavy Cruiser 3.00 GBP
FT 242    New Superdreadnought (includes NEW stand - see below) 12.00 GBP
FT 244    New Heavy Carrier  (includes NEW stand - see below) 12.00 GBP

The SDN and CVH are shown with the new metal Hex base (50mm diameter,  42mm across flats) which will come with those minis.  It has a solid cast
metal mounting post and the base is marked with the 6 fire arcs plus additional tic-marcs at all the "clock-face" points.  They will also be available separately.

FT 003      Large hex stand (metal) - single 1.50 GBP
FT003A    Large hex stand (metal) - pack of 4 5.00 GBP

New small ESU miniatures

From smallest to largest - FT232 (scout), 233 (Corvette), 234 (Frigate), and 235 (Destroyer),

FT236 New ESU Light Cruiser

FT236 New ESU Light Cruiser

FT238 New ESU Heavy Cruiser

FT238 New ESU Heavy Cruiser

FT242 New ESU Superdreadnought\

FT242 New ESU Superdreadnought 

FT244 New ESU Heavy Carrier

FT244 New ESU Heavy Carrier


10/27/2004 - Playtest rules and stats for the New Israeli fleet and Out-Rim Coalition (ORC) fleet have been  released for public comment and playtesting.  As with the UNSC Rules and Stats, these are playtest versions and any final version that would appear in print may be different.


10/8/2004 - All the New Israeli ship minis are now available from GZG.  Pictures have been taken and the ones below are just a sample.  A New Israeli Ship Gallery Page has been posted on the GZG website with lots more pictures including different views.  Megafleet deals for these minis are available.
FT1501 & FT1521

FT1501, FT1521

FT1502 - FT1505

FT1505, FT1503, FT1504, FT1502

FT1506 - FT1508

FT1508, FT1506, FT1507

FT1509 & FT1510

FT1510, FT1509










10/3/2004 - Jon Tuffley of GZG made the following announcement  of new Full Thrust miniatures:

Well, after some concentrated work over the last few days (to the exclusion of other little things like food and sleep...), ALL the sculpting for the full NI fleet is now finished! Availability on all the new items is PROVISIONAL, as we can never be 100% sure that they will mould OK until we try it - but assuming they all do, they should be ready for sale by the end of this week!  [All prices in GBP]


FT 1521 Bard'las class Heavy Fighters (6) 1.00
FT 1502 Sheir class Scoutships (3) 1.50
FT 1503 Sa'ar class Corvettes (3) 2.00
FT 1504 Ra'am class Battle Frigates (2) 2.00
FT 1506 Kashat class Light Cruiser 2.00

FT 1508 Yerushalayim class Heavy Cruiser 3.00

FT 1509 Barak class Battlecruiser 4.00
FT 1511 Chalutz Chalal class Heavy Battleship (BDN) 7.00
FT 1512 David Ben Gurion class Superdreadnought 12.00
FT 1513 Kineret class Light Carrier 8.00
FT 1514 Tzion class Supercarrier 12.00

Special thanks to Noam Izenberg for the ship class names!

I'm really happy with all of the new minis, but the SDN and CVH, in particular, look VERY impressive! You may notice the slight increase in price on the big classes compared with the other fleets, this is partly because these models are BIG, but also because the price of metal has gone up horrendously over the last few months - we're talking around a 40-50% materials price increase overall. We're holding the prices of all the existing lines steady at the moment (though we may be forced to make some increases soon - so if you want stuff order it now at the current prices!), but given the size of these new models and the amount of metal that will be in them we think the prices are still very reasonable - we're sure that you'll agree once you see them!! (Yes, there will be pictures - just as soon as we've assembled the first castings out of the master moulds).

One point of note: we'll be offering the usual MEGA FLEET pack deal on the NI ships, and it will be the same price as all the other Megafleet deals - 50 GBP, AND have the same mix of ships - so this means that this particular fleet deal will be even BETTER value compared with the individual mini prices!!

Watch the online store for news of some special extra deals for those of you who are among the first to order the new NI ships too.


2/18/2004 - Ground Zero Games has announced the online release of "public beta-test" Official Stats for the UNSC fleet for Full Thrust. UNSC "public beta-test" introduction     UNSC Rules and Stats


1/28/2004 - GZG announces the release of several new miniatures, including the first miniatures in the New Israeli fleet. 

Now in production:

FT 522     NSL Strikeboat (pack of 3)     £1.50 per pack
FT 525     NSL "new construction" Destroyer, (pack of 2)  £2.50 per pack
FT 102B     NAC new Scoutship (pack of 3)     £1.50 per pack.

Coming very soon - should be available by next week
New Israeli Space Defence Force ships:
FT 1501     New Israeli light fighters, Kfir class (pack of 6) £1.00 per pack
FT 1505     New Israeli Destroyers, Tzayad class (pack of 2) £2.50 per pack
FT 1507     New Israeli Escort/Patrol Cruiser, Maccabee class £2.50 each
FT 1510     New Israeli Battleship, Sabra class          £5.00 each

Islamic Federation fleet additions:
FT 1006     Islamic Light Cruiser          £2.00 each
FT 1011     Islamic Heavy Battleship (Battledreadnought)     £6.00 each



FT522, FT525

FT1507, FT1505



10/2/2003 - GZG announces more new Kra'Vak miniatures are now available.  Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pictures.

FT422 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Fighter type (pack of 6) £1.00
FT423 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Striker (pack of 2) £2.00
FT 426 NEW Kra'Vak Light Attack Cruiser (MKP variant) £2.00
FT 426A NEW Kra'Vak Light Attack Cruiser  (K2 variant) £2.00
FT 428 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Attack Cruiser (MKP variant) £3.00
FT 428A NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Attack Cruiser  (K2 variant) £3.00
FT 431 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Battleship (MKP variant) £5.00
FT 431A NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Battleship (K2 variant) £5.00

Class Names and stats to follow...!

FT422, FT423, FT426, FT426A

FT423, FT428A, FT426

FT428, FT428A

FT422, FT423, FT426, FT426A

FT428, FT428A

FT428A, FT426

FT431, FT431A



FT431, FT431A

9/18/2003 - Jon at GZG announces some new Full Thrust minis (no pictures yet):

Last but not least, more NEW KRA'VAK FT SHIPS sculpted by Oerjan!  Just available are:

FT422 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Fighter type (pack of 6) 1.00 UKP
FT423 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Striker (pack of 2) 2.00 UKP
FT 431 NEW Kra'Vak Heavy Battleship 5.00 UKP

These are VERY nice, and well up to the standard set by Oerjan's recent FT425 DD release!


2/12/2003 - The February Catalogue Update is online in the Downloads section of the GZG website.  2 new Full Thrust miniatures were just released: 

     FT 425 Kra’Vak TO’KI class Destroyer

     FT 625 FSE HYDRA class Destroyer

Plus, the update said:

"Just a couple of FT releases this month, but definitely a taste of things to come! Over 2003 we plan to add some NEW ship classes to the existing FT fleets, as well as creating more completely new fleets for you. The two ships in the photo are the first new additions to the Federal Stats Europa and Kra’Vak forces, and are also the first to be sculpted for us by Oerjan Ohlson - we think you’ll agree he’s done a superb job of following the style of the original FSE and KV ship designs while creating some excellent new miniatures. Watch out for a lot more coming in the FT line throughout 2003!"


8/27/2002 - Power Projection Lite, starship battles in the Traveller universe, will debut as GenCon UK this weekend.  The rules are based upon the Full Thrust system and modified to reflect the Traveller RPG universe and the feel of High Guard.  More information is available on SCN's new Power Projection page.


4/28/2002 - GeoHex is no longer the North American distributor for Full Thrust and other GZG products.  I had been hearing rumors about this for a while but was waiting for this official word before I posted anything to make sure I had the facts straight:

GZG NEWS RELEASE (28.04.02):

From GZG - publisher of FULL THRUST, STARGRUNT and DIRTSIDE, and > manufacturer of all associated miniatures ranges.

With immediate effect, we have agreed with GeoHex to terminate the licence under which they have acted as our North American agent, licencee manufacturer and distributor. This in no way reflects adversely on either company (GZG or GeoHex), but is due to the changing market for games products and miniatures on both sides of the Atlantic. GeoHex will no longer be manufacturing our lines under licence, and will not be supplying any GZG product after June 4th 2002. 

We at GZG are still VERY much in business, supplying all our product lines by direct mailorder from our base in the UK - customers throughout the world are welcome to order online from our Store site at <>; we pride ourselves on providing an easy, quick, efficient and friendly service with surprisingly low shipping costs. Please check the Store site out - we will have some very special offers and deals running throughout the month of May!

At the moment we have no immediate plans to appoint a new US distributor, though if this changes we will of course announce it as soon as we can - in the meantime, we are very happy to supply you directly.  As well as individual sales to customers, the termination of the distibution licence means that we can now also offer direct trade sales to retailers in North America - retail stores can email to <> for further details. 

Please feel free to email me at <> if you have any other queries or questions at all.

Jon Tuffley, GZG, April 28th 2002.


4/25/2002 - I've received the following announcement from Dominic Mooney of BITS (British Isles Traveller Support):

'Power Projection' is the planned title for the BITS Traveller Full Thrust game, which will be completely stand alone in the vein of the Earthforce Sourcebook for Babylon 5 RPG.

It's been some 5 years in the making and grew out of an irrational urge of mine to try a conversion of Full Thrust to Traveller, called 'Fifth Frontier Thrust'. This didn't have quite the feel I wanted and so I started to develop a more Traveller-specific version (in particular trying to capture the feel of 'classic' Traveller's (CT) 'High Guard'). Jon Tuffley of GZG was really helpful about the whole thing, lending us miniatures and a GeoHex map, and making the odd suggestion.

Where is it now? Think of it as being in a late beta stage.

Key features include:
- Vector movement (inspired by CT 'MayDay', similar to the 'Fleet Book 2' rules (from Full Thrust, not Greg Ellis' 'FOTS: TCOM'). No calculations needed, only a tape measure.
- Extremely deadly spinal mount weapons.
- Battery damage table for secondaries (this is a CRT but was the only way to avoid gadzillions of dice rolls as Traveller has so many defense systems).
- Massed fire table (statistically derived spread of results so you can mass fire a big ship like a Tigress Class in 40 rolls not 400).
- statistical resolution for threshold checks  (i.e. like the Tigress example above, you can roll 400 threshold checks in 40 rolls)
- Ship conversion sequence (ships are designed using CT's 'High Guard' system).
- Stats for all ships in the CT supplement 'Fighting Ships'.
- Simultaneous movement, initiative based firing.
- Inertial sand clouds and EMP bursts which mess sensors up, giving space terrain.
- Gravity effects.
- Black Globe forcefields.
- Psionics rules.
- Crew quality rules/experience.
- Fighters by squadrons (pseudo-vector vector movement).
- Missiles with multi-turn duration (pseudo-vector movement).

Still to be finished:
- Campaign system.
- Some minor rules.

We hope to release it later this year - GenCon UK or Strange Days are our working targets and it is likely to be in a different format to the usual BITS books - with GZG's help it will hopefully more closely resemble a standard Full Thrust book.

An engagement with a number of ships (i.e. 4-8 cruisers+) should be fightable in just a couple of hours - it does depend on how heavy your players get working out positions etc - the game does encourage this as
spinal mount weapons only fire every other turn, and the EMP bursts play with range.

We've been playing it using GZG miniatures (NSU, FSE and OU ships), which look nice and Traveller-esque.


2/27/2002 - GZG has released the rest of the Japanese Fleet.  Again the pictures are on the GZG Online store but I did pull them over here for your viewing pleasure.  Click on the thumbnails for larger pics.

FT1301 Wakizashi Class Light Fighters (pack of 6) 1.00 UKP  New elements of the Japanese Fleet
FT1321A Katana MMCF in MECHA mode (pack 6) 1.00 UKP 
FT1302 Ninja Class Scoutship (pack of 3) 1.50 UKP
FT1322 Naginata Class Strikeboat (pack of 3) 1.50 UKP 
FT1324 Shoya Class Sensor Picket (pack of 2) 2.00 UKP 
FT1306 Arashi Class Light Cruiser 2.00 UKP 
FT1308 Samurai Class Heavy Cruiser 3.00 UKP 
FT1309 Kesshi Class Battlecruiser 4.00 UKP 
FT1310 Yamato Class Battleship 5.00 UKP 
FT1313 Hiryu Class Light Carrier 6.00 UKP 


  Light Fighters       Heavy Fighter in Mecha Mode       Scout, Sensor Picket, Strikeboat        Light Cruiser

Heavy Cruiser     Battle Cruiser     Battleship     Light Carrier



2/13/2002 - GZG has made their More Thrust supplement available for free on the web as a set of 4 pdf files (173k to 277k in size) available here

Jon of GZG states:

The PDFs of MT have been put up as free downloads for anyone who wants them; if you download them, please be aware that a LOT of the material in MT has been superceded by the two Fleet Books, so the FB rules take precedence in case of a clash. When I copied the files from the Printer's disk to a zip for Paul, there were some problems with fonts that I didn't have, so most of the book has Helvetica substituted for the original text fonts; I think most of the layout has been preserved OK, but if anything looks odd that's why! I also didn't have links to most of the original pictures, so those on the PDFs are in many cases the very low-res, pixilated proof versions that PageMaker embeds in the document (and some may not be there at all!) . But, hopefully it's the rules text you're after, and that should all be readable - enjoy!!


1/24/2002 - The new ships in the Japanese Fleet are now in the GZG online store, along with pictures.  I've got the pictures here, click on the thumbnails below for larger pictures and multiple views of the larger ships. 

Corvette    Frigate    Destroyer    Patrol Cruiser

Super Battleship       Command Dreadnought       Supercarrier


1/22/2002 - More info on the Japanese Fleet from Jon of GZG, pictures will come when available:

Just to let you know that a significant part of the FT Japanese fleet is now completed (that is, sculpting all done) and ready for pre-production mould making; this should be done in the next day or two, and IF they all work out OK then they'll be production-moulded and on sale by early next week. As soon as this happens, I'll get Paul to put them on the store site and you can all start ordering them! To give you a taster, PROVISIONAL classes/codes/prices are.......

FT1321 Katana Class Heavy MMCF (Multi Mode Configurable Fighters) - pack of (6)

1.00 UKP 

FT1303 Bakemono Class Strike Corvette (3) 

2.00 UKP 

FT1304 Ashigaru Class Patrol Frigate (2) 

2.00 UKP 

FT1305 Soyokaze Class Destroyer (2) (Already in production) 

2.50 UKP 

FT1307 Ronin Class Patrol Cruiser (Already in production) 

2.50 UKP 

FT1311 Musashi Class Super Battleship ("battledreadnought") 

8.00 UKP 

FT1312 Shogun Class Command Dreadnought (big SDN) 

10.00 UKP 

FT1314 Akagi Class Supercarrier 

10.00 UKP 

All the above are sculpted, and will be available in the initial batch (any moulding problems notwithstanding, of course); still under construction are a Heavy Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship and Light Carrier - these will be following very quickly behind the first lot. Like the first ships of the range (1305/1307), all have a very strong Anime influence..... 

More news as things progress! Don't forget that if you want the Jap ships, but also want to take advantage of the January-only Mega-Fleet deal, you CAN pre-order a fleet now and get it at the deal price.


1/16/2002 - Jon of GZG made the following announcement on the GZG mailing list: is progressing nicely on the Japanese Fleet - under construction at the moment are the Dreadnought and Carrier, plus a Heavy Battleship and a Heavy Cruiser/Battlecruiser (class to be decided once it's finished and I see just how big it's turned out!); next on the slips will be some of the small classes (scouts, corvettes, frigates) plus the fighters (probably in both Mecha-mode and fighter-mode) - projected schedule is to have all the classes available by the end of January, at which point we'll be doing a special FLEET DEAL to launch the range properly!

More info and pictures when available.